fha 203k: Experience- The KEY to closing a FHA 203k Renovation Loan in 45 days - 05/18/13 11:30 AM
The Key To Successfully Closing A FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage In 45 Days or Less is......  
Yes, it is possible, regardless of your experiences in the past or what you have heard it is possible to close an FHA 203k Renovation Home Loan in 45 days, maybe less.
If you don't know the experience level of your FHA 203k Renovation Team you are only asking for trouble, delays and the risk of the loan never closing period. And just because you found it on the internet doesn't make it true.

fha 203k: FHA 203k - The Top Home Improvements That Pay You Back - 05/12/13 03:14 AM

The Top Home Improvements to Use with the FHA 203k Renovation Home Loan
A Recent study released by HUD regarding the FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage Program stated that after all work was completed homes that utilized the FHA 203k Renovation Home Loan had over 22% equity in the home.
Imagine what that can mean to a new home buyer who has bought a fixer upper with a 3.5% down payment or the home owner that is wanting to sell their home in the near future but has little to no equity in their home to realize that needed profit.
Buying … (1 comments)

fha 203k: The #1 Best First Time Home Buyer Mortgage - St. Charles and St. Louis - 05/08/13 05:32 AM

What is the best
first time home buyer
'What mortgage programs are available for first time home buyers?', I have been a mortgage lender in the St. Louis and St. Charles Mo area for going on 20 years and I seem to be asked that question nearly every day.
That question has meant many different things to the person who was asking, they were looking for easier qualification, less down payment requirement, no down payment, down payment assistance, lower credit scores and so many other things.
In my 20 years … (2 comments)

fha 203k: Writing a Sales Contract with FHA 203k Financing - 05/01/13 06:15 AM

This article is written by a Mortgage Loan Officer who has no experience writing real estate sales contract but has closed 100s of FHA 203k Renovation mortgages plus HomePath Renovation and HomeStyle Renovation loans over a 15 year career. My experience as a Renovation Mortgage Specialist and Certified FHA 203k Specialist provides a unique insight that has assisted many home buyers and their real estate agent with this highly useful and unique mortgage program.
FHA 203k in the St. Louis and St. … (1 comments)

fha 203k: FHA 203k - HomePath and HomeStyle Renovation Lenders - St. Louis MO - 03/29/13 02:03 AM
FHA 203K
What mortgage lenders in the St. Louis and St. Charles MO area provide for ALL the renovation type mortgages, FHA 203k, Homepath Renovation and Homestyle Renovation? There are not that many lenders in the area who can provide you with all the choices for renovation type mortgages. I have been helping people with securing a   mortgage since 1998 when I closed my first FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage. I am confident that I know of only 3 lenders in the St. Louis MO area that … (0 comments)

fha 203k: What is the FHA 203k Renovation Loan? - 06/24/12 11:02 PM
Foreclosures and distressed homes has represented over 1 in 3 homes sold in the St. Louis and St. Charles Missouri area for the past several years. We have all become very aware of HUD foreclosures, HomePath, REO, Bank Owned, Short Sale, and all the terms and definitions of today's housing market.
What I hear all the time is; 'what is a FHA 203k?', a mortgage loan program that has been around for decades and has helped thousands of home buyers is still a very misunderstood source to help you purchase a new home. I still hear a lot of misconceptions about … (1 comments)

fha 203k: Home Remodeling and Improvement Loans in St. Louis and St. Charles Mo - 06/17/12 10:45 PM
With interest rates so low Home Remodeling or Home Improvement loans are becoming very popular again. You have owned your home in the St. Louis and/or St. Charles Mo area for a long time, a short time or some where in-between and you are considering making improvements to the home. You have many choices available to you as to how to pay for this expense, you can use your own savings, put it on a credit card, use your contractor's financing, get a home equity line of credit, or you can refinance your current mortgage and receive the money to fix … (3 comments)

fha 203k: Top 10 Reasons For an FHA Mortgage, When You Buy a New Home in St. Louis, St. Charles or Missouri - 10/12/11 10:19 AM
Since 1934, the Federal Housing Administration, (FHA) has offered home ownership assistance to Americans in the form of FHA financing. The program originated to combat the effects of the Great Depression, when the rate of foreclosures and loan defaults were high and home ownership for the average American was very low. In response to the recent economic downturn, modifications have been made to the FHA program. Now there are even more reasons to consider FHA financing.
1. FHA financing allows home-buyers a low down payment alternative for their home purchase. The minimum down payment is a low 3.5%. Click here to … (0 comments)

fha 203k: FHA Mortgage Help and First Time Home Buyer Do and Don't Top Ten - 06/20/11 09:40 AM
Are you a first time home buyer? Are you buying a new home in St. Charles, St. Louis or anywhere in the State of Missouri. Here is some help not only for FHA mortgages but for anyone getting a new mortgage.
I have been a Mortgage Loan Officer in the St. Louis and St. Charles area for nearly 20 years and here are some of my TOP Do's and Don'ts for a First Time Home Buyer, FHA Mortgage or anyone buying a new home in Missouri.
This isn't your typical list but it is the Top 10 of what I have … (0 comments)

fha 203k: The FHA 203k Equity Plan for First Time Home Buyers - 02/02/11 12:53 PM
FHA 203k for First Time Home Buyers!
Are you a First Time Home Buyer? Have you been looking at the houses on the market in St. Charles, St. Louis or else where in Missouri and feeling a bit let down?
Nearly every day there are first time home buyers purchasing a home and settling for less than what they wanted. Why is that? Sure, the market of available homes is made up of mostly foreclosures, distressed properties, aged and outdated houses, that perfect home is difficult to find if not impossible. That is only part of the problem, too many first time home buyers settle for a not so … (0 comments)

fha 203k: The FHA 203k the BEST HOME LOAN for First Time Home Buyers in St. Charles Mo, St. Louis Mo and the State of Missouri - 01/18/11 03:59 AM
THE FHA 203k Renovation Loan Program
I work with a lot of First Time Home Buyers throughout St. Charles, St. Louis and the State of Missouri helping them secure financing for their first new home, and I enjoy it quite a bit. There are always specific questions that I get when I initially start working for a First Time Home Buyer, one question I am asked a lot is; what are the best first time home buyer programs? My standard answer is, there isn't any first time home buyer programs, but that answer isn't entirely true.
There are several mortgage programs … (0 comments)

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