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Who is going to win the Big Dance?  I'm sure most are in some sort of a pool at work or with friends or even ESPN.  Looking to be a great tournament as always.  You can watch all the games online for free here: CBS Sportsline  I would like to hear everyone's final four predictions, and winners......
When the Fed cuts its short term over night rate it usually causes long term yields to increase, so the 30 and 15 year fixed rates tend to go up.  However, the adjustable rates which a majority are based off the the 6 month LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) goes down as well.How could this he...
The Fed meets today and is coming out with rate cuts at approx. 2:15pm EST.  I would like to hear everyone's opinion / guess as to what they think the Fed will do today in terms of cutting of the Fed Funds Rate which sits at currently at 3%.  Wall Street, well the futures market, is predicting a ...
Attention Real Estate Agents!!!!I would love to hear your opinions on what you look for when choosing to work with loan officers, what impresses you, what irritates you, what is most important, what is least important. I am looking to spark up some great comments in order to help both professions...
Nehemiah won its litigation against HUD!!!anyone, anyone?Well for all that have not heard, down-payment assistance is still available.....FOR NOW.HUD wanted to ban these, but Nehemiah filed suited and won a summary judgement to allow them to continue to offer this program.  However, Congress is s...

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