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   Today is the last day of the 2nd quarter and the DOW is on pace to have its worse month of June since 1930.  A new oil intraday high of $143.57 just hit as well.  I just heard those stats and thought I should share. This is my first update in a week, I was in training most of last week and had...
This week is about about Wednesday and what the Fed is going to do.  It would be an absolute shock if they chose to raise rates to begin the fight on inflation.  Wall Street is most interested in what the statement is going to say about the issues and their views, expect beat ...
Bonds were off 3 bps on the day this Friday, aftering stalling out and not being able to break up the upward resistance line for the 3 consecutive day.  There was not economic released and the down did finish off down over 200 points and the S & P finished down 1.8%.  Unusual day for stocks and b...
 Rates were down modestly today 22 bps on the day.  Bonds tested both the closest support and resisitance levels and closed right in the middle of it....meaning we are in another tug of war with the bulls and the bears going into next week's Fed meeting.  From a technical standpoint bonds are sti...
Mortgage Bond are trading higher 12bps this morning following yesterday's momentum.  Bond are resting just above the closest resistance level which is bullish, no real news to report today.  Watch the stocks if they go down should be good for bonds today.  Tomorrow the Philly Fed Index will move ...
CPI was in line with expectations and PPI was a bit hotter this morning.  Mortgage Bonds seems to have drawn a line in the sand for now and are attempting a reversal.  We finished up 50 bps on the day closing right inbetween a dual layer of resistance.  Bonds are also highly oversold which should...
Mortgage backed securities are trading flat on the day down just 3bps this morning.  Bonds have been in a downward trend for the last 2 weeks and rates have crept up .75% higher nearing 7.00%. The recent pressure on bonds are due to the pressure the heightened inflation concerns of the market.  T...
Well it is official......the bond market is fearful of inflation.  Some decent CPI numbers came out this morning but that was overshadowed this afternoon by the word no bullish bond trader wants to here........INFLATION is here and rising......well on the flip side it is quite obvious with the co...
Mortgage Bonds are down 38 bps this morning as of 920am EST.  Stock futures are up and oil is down which is leading to bond deterioration.  Retail sales were released this morning and came in better than expected for May and better than they were in April, very good news for consumer sentiment.  ...
    On a technical note, mortgage bonds are down 5 straight session at 216 bps points....rates have rose to the 6.625% area on a conventional 30 year fixed.  Bonds are oversold, which generally indicates that the buyers will be back and drive prices back up.  When bonds drop suddenly they have a ...

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