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If you are a broker or realtor that has employees, or if you handle the payroll tax compliance for your employer, it is most important that you understand your potential tax liability.The IRS is most concerned about employer payroll compliance as payroll taxes withheld by employers account for ne...
As an affiliate member of the Suburban West Realtors® Association, I spoke at its January 30, 2019 educational seminar “2018 Tax Changes and Tax Issues Effecting REALTORS” held at the SWRA’s office in Malvern, PA. As an Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist with the Exton, PA acc...
How to Expeditiously Make Verifiable & Instantaneous Payments to the IRS In an earlier blog, we discussed how realtors can avoid being assessed IRS penalties for failure to pay estimated income taxes during the year. That same strategy is also effective for eliminating a large balance due April 1...
Secret Revealed – How Realtors Can Avoid IRS Penalties for Failure to Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes Realtors are among the group of self-employed individuals who in addition to paying income taxes on their earned commissions, are also required to pay self-employment taxes (FICA & Medicare). Unlik...
Realtors often hear of the advantages of operating as an S Corporation. Rather than consulting with an experienced tax professional, they form an S Corporation and report their realtor commissions and operating expenses on the corporate tax returnForm 1120S rather than on Schedule C in Form 1040....

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