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Opportunity time for low rates on Conventional Purchase and Refinance Loans Rates for Conventional Purchase and Refinance Loans  (aka Conforming Loans or Fannie Mae Loans) continue to remain at all -time lows today.    World and Euro Money market worries continue to cast doubt about the economic ...
Market Alert - All time low rates on Conforming Jumbo Purchase and Conforming Jumbo  Refinance Loans AKA High Balance Rates for Conforming Jumbo Purchase and Conforming Jumbo Refinance Loans  (aka Conforming High Balance Loans, Super Conforming, or Fannie Mae High Balance Loans) are at continues ...
California Mortgage Market Update for August 24-2010 Rates on Home loans continue at all time low rates this week.  World money market worries have driven investors to the safe haven of Mortgage Bonds and Treasuries for their monies, which are the basis of US Mortgage Rates.   There have never be...
VA Myth busted: VA Loans are available over VA Loan Limit for your County.   In concert with higher VA County Loan Limits, this rebuffs a common myth about VA Loans that they don't work for your area, or the loan amounts are too low for your area.   In the past this was true, but recent changes h...
VA Loan Benefit for Washington Veterans and WA Active Duty Military Many Washington Veterans and WA Active Duty Military Personnel have access to higher VA guarantee limits in the Puget Sound Area counties:  King, Snohomish, and Pierce.  The higher VA Guarantee allows Washington Vets the opportun...
FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium changes delayed until Oct 4, 2010 Hud has announced that previously announced FHA Premium Changes will now be implemented Oct 4, 2010, delayed from the original plan of Sept 7, 2010.    Go here to view the Statement from Deputy Assistant Secretary Vicki Bott on the ...
We'll do Flips for you! part 3: VA flips OK. Our Flip Rules for VA Loans - We only require that the seller own the home for 1 day. VA Flip rule - 1 day OK The Seller seasoning requirement on our VA Loans is one day. This is not a misprint, just one day. Why is this important you may ask? Many len...
We do Flips for you - Part 2 - Conventional Flips OK.   Our Flip Rules for Conventional Loans - We only require that the seller own the home for 1 day prior to resale. Our Seller seasoning requirement on our Conventional Loans is one day. One Day. Many lenders require that sellers own a home for ...
We do Flips for you - Part 1 - FHA Flips OK.  Our FHA Flip rule - 1 day owned by seller OK We require one day of Seller seasoning for our FHA Loans. Yes, one day. While FHA has released guidance for lenders allowing the Flip Rule to be Waived for all Sellers until Feb 1, 2011, many lenders still ...
Where to get your Certificate of Eligibility for VA Loans We are often asked where does the Veteran get their Certificate of Eligibility for their VA Loan?  There are two answers:  The Veteran can contact the VA to get it direct.   Or the easier, quicker method:   Let us help you.   If you send u...

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