va faq: VA FAQ #21 - Can I have 2 VA Loans at same time? - 10/05/14 05:13 AM
VA FAQ #21 - Can I have 2 VA Loans at same time?
We work with and speak to many Home Buyers that want to use VA Financing each week.   We hear many Veterans state that would like to utulize their VA Home loan benefit again, but they already have a VA Loan on another home.   With the improvements to the VA Entitlement calculations over the past several years, combined with restored Entitlement after the sale or payoff of your home with a VA or VA Jumbo loan, you may have options to use your VA Loan Benefit again,  even having 2 VA Loans at … (0 comments)

va faq: VA FAQ #13 - What is a VA LAPP Lender and Why you should work with us - 07/22/14 06:05 AM
VA FAQ #13 - What is a VA LAPP Lender and Why you should work with us.
VanDyk Mortgage is a VA LAPP Lender.   So what does that mean?    LAPP stands for the Lender Appraisal Processing Program.   VA lenders such as VanDyk Mortgage get set up as LAPP VA lenders to get better control over the VA Appraisal timelines.   With LAPP VA Appraisals,  once the VA Appraiser from the VA's Appraiser panel returns the Vompleted VA Appraisal to the VA Appraisal Portal,  we assign our own VA Underwriter to review the Appraisal and issue the NOV or Notice of … (0 comments)

va faq: VA FAQ #9 - Should I get a VA Pre-Qualification or VA Loan Pre-Approval? - 01/10/14 05:05 AM
VA FAQ #9 - Should I get a VA Loan Pre-Qualification or VA Loan Pre-Approval?
YES.   You should get a full VA Loan Pre-Approval before shopping for a Home when planning to use VA Loan Financing from a Direct Lender that specializes in VA and VA Jumbo Loans, such as VanDyk Mortgage.
Why should I get Pre-Approved vs Pre-qualified?  A VA Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval from a VA direct lender is superior to a simplistic VA Loan Pre-qualification.   Our VA Loan Pre-Approval means we have reviewed your documentation, qualifications, credit report, and any special circumstances particular to your situation to ensure that you qualify for a new VA … (0 comments)

va faq: VA FAQ #5 - What is a VA Jumbo Loan? - 06/09/13 03:55 AM
VA FAQ #5 - What is a VA Jumbo Loan?
A VA Jumbo Loan is any VA Loan that exceeds $484,350 for the Loan Amount.   Many counties have a VA Loan Limit of $484K, which is the base VA Loan Limit Nationwide.   VA Jumbo Loans come into play in a couple of different instances. 
VA Jumbo scenario 1.   Exceeding VA Loan Limits in Counties with a $484,350 VA Loan Limit.   If you live in a county with a $484,350 VA Loan Limit,  you can actually get a higher VA Loan amount than $484K with Vandyk Mortgage.   The loan will require … (0 comments)

va faq: VA FAQ #4 - What is the VA Loan Limit? - 06/09/13 03:09 AM
VA FAQ #4 - What is the VA Loan Limit?
The Veterans Administration does not actually have a Loan Limit or maximum loan amount for VA Loans.  However there are VA County Loan Limits which are the maximum Loan Amounts available for 100% VA financing in that respective county.  
Most US counties are at the $424,100 nationwide VA Loan Limit, however certain High Cost counties are allowed much higher VA Loan Limits,  we will address these in subsequent FAQs on VA Loan Limits for Higher Cost Counties and Exceeding the VA Loan Limit.  VA Loans over $424K are called VA Jumbo, VA … (0 comments)

va faq: VA FAQ #3 - Who can qualify for a VA Loan? - 06/09/13 02:53 AM
VA FAQ #3 - Who can qualify for a VA Loan?
Qualified Veterans, Reservists,  Guard,  and Active Duty Military Personnel may qualify.    There are minimum service time requirements for each group, that will be address in a subsequent FAQ.   Certain surviving spouses of deceased Veterans may qualify as well.  
The VA does require that you had an Honorable Discharge (as documented with your DD214), and that you are in good standing on any US Government debts such as prior VA Loans, Student Loans, taxes, etc.  The DD 214 is the starting point in attaining your Certificate of Eligibility - COE. … (0 comments)

va faq: VA FAQ #2 - Does the VA make VA Loans? - 06/09/13 02:41 AM
VA FAQ #2 - Does the VA make VA Loans?
Does the VA make or underwrite my VA loan?   No, The VA does not make or underwrite VA Loans, private Lenders make VA Loans.   The Veterans Administration guarantees VA Loans.   VA Loans and VA Jumbo Loans are made by private Lenders such as VanDyk Mortgage per the VA's VA Loan guidance and policies. In the event of default of the Homeowner,  the VA guarantee helps the Lender recoup their losses.   
This is part 2 of our FAQ series for VA Loan Questions.    FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions, and when … (0 comments)

va faq: VA FAQ #1 - What is a VA Loan? - 06/09/13 02:34 AM
VA FAQ #1 - What is a VA Loan?
A VA Loan is a home loan program that was created by Congress back in 1944 to help our returning Veterans from World War ll  be able to purchase a home after serving our country in the Militay with no downpayment required.  
USA Military Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel can utilize the program to purchase a home with as little as zero down payment, and no monthly Mortgage Insurance (aka MIP or PMI).    These loans are backed by the Veterans Administration, however they are made by VA Approved Private Lenders such … (0 comments)

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