sra: Prisoner's Dilemmas - 10/16/14 10:21 PM
I've been out of residential appraisal for a little while, however my partner does residential appraising.  I also hear from residential appraisers quite a thing over and over again is fees, Customary & Reasonable (C&R) fees to be exact.
One of the reasons I think our industry cannot seem to deal with fees is a common economic problem called the Prisoner's Dilemma...basically you have no idea what fee to quote, because you have no idea what your competitor is bidding...and what the Appraisal Management Company's (AMC) client is willing to pay.  So most people would historically bid less with that information vacuum and I … (2 comments)

sra: Metal Roofs - 10/05/14 06:40 AM
My Dad used to tell me growing up "...when I was in my 20s nobody cared for my opinion or sought it out, but after I started law school and became an attorney everybody cared what I had to say and thought".  Being in the real estate business for the last 17-years I have had a similar experience as it relates to real estate, I get a lot of questions.  Most of the questions center mostly around "'s the market?", mostly people just want reassurance that their biggest investment is safe...some just have no other way of starting a conversation.  Socially and … (0 comments)

sra: Goals - 09/28/14 09:27 PM
Nearly 14 years ago, I unexpectedly found myself jobless wih three years of experience and a state appraisal license.  I lacked the Certified General credential required to do commercial work, which was not good seeing nearly all my experience to that point in my career was commercial appraising.  I walked into a large commercial brokerage firm looking for a job as a commercial appraiser.  The chief appraiser thumbed through my reports and looked me in the eye and said "Come back when you have your MAI.". 
This was the first time I had ever heard of the elusive MAI, and sadly … (1 comments)

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