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We have had some weather here in Colorful Colorado the past couple of weeks and last night was no different.  Venturing out last night after dinner, I shot a couple of cool looking cloud formations along our journey.  The first one shows the clouds beginning to move in.  This next photo is only a...
Last night, we had some wild weather in Colorado.  It wasn't just isolated to the Denver Metro Area.  It seems everyone was affected by the sever thunderstorms that blew in. This morning, I received text photos from my sister in law who lives in Central City, Colorado (an old mining town turn gam...
This is a shot from the waiting area in Georgetown, Colorado where we were waiting to board the Georgetown Loop RR. Yes, the train goes over this bridge which was completed in 1884 and modified many times over the years. It was not nerve racking at all to cross over Clear Creek via this bridge.  ...
Do you remember the song "Solid as a Rock: by Ashford & Simpson? When my husband and I were up in Georgetown Colorado this past Sunday, I snapped a photo of this massive rock along the train ride. I thought it was pretty cool with the speckles of moss growing on it.  I wonder what it will look li...
This past weekend, my husband and I took a little drive up to Georgetown, Colorado and rode on the Georgetown Loop.   I was sitting in the last seat in the last car and got some cool "behind" pictures. I gave this photo a bit of a vintage look and it reminded me of that Johnny Cash song "Folsom P...
This photo is of a storage facility being constructed next to the 7-11 near my house at Gartrell and E470. As I watch the progress, I constantly ask myself just how much storage we need around here.  This is not the only storage facility near me.  There is one just north of this one about 1/2 mil...
How many of you have heard that you should paint your front door red?  This is a common assumption with many of us.   I recently did some research in "Feng Shui and Your Front Door".  My research revealed that red is not always the best choice for your front door color when it comes to feng shui ...
FUN FACTS ABOUT COLORADO Here are some fun facts about colorful Colorado!  •·Capital: Denver•·Flower: Rocky Mountain Blue Columbine •·Tree: Blue Spruce•·Animal: Big Horn Sheep•·Fish: Greenback Cut-throat Trout•·Insect: Colorado hairstreak butterfly•·Bird: Lark Bunting•·Dance: Square Dancing•·Dino...
My three year old golden retriever, Maverick, always has me laughing.  I came downstairs today to find him tucked under the kitchen (built-in) desk area with the side of his body floating in air.  As you can see, he is wedged against the wall with his arms just dangling.  He seems to be perfectly...
Mid July through August is monsoon season in Colorado. Monsoon storms are slow moving rain making thunderstorms that develop in the mountains and drop down to the plains.  When up in the mountains, keep your eyes to the sky and watch for heavy clouds forming above.  These storms can turn into dow...

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