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The LaserShield Wireless Home Alarm Security System is a family of innovative, easy to use, low-cost, security system products. LaserShield is ideal for rental homes, apartments, townhomes and condos, and is a perfect security solution for college dormitories, retail stores, offices, boats, recreational vehicles and more. LaserShield is quick, easy and affordable: * No long term monitoring contracts - go month to month * Wireless - no complex installation in your home or office * Works with your existing phone service including digital voice (VoIP) lines - unlike other alarm monitoring systems * Easy to turn on and off - use the easy key fob, or call into the system remotely if you forget
Lots of folks on this forum are faced with homebuyers who may have cash, but cant qualify for a loan becuse they have let their credit become bruised.  Today it takes a solid 700+ FICO score to get a good loan. If your clients need help with restoring their credit, you can find local credit repa...
13.16% of all residential mortgages are in trouble. With about 51 million houses with mortgages in the country, that means 6.71 million bad mortgages out there. With the number of people out of work still rising, the problem is likely to continue to get worse for quite a while according to an art...
A couple of interesting articles that could be of interest to first time homebuyers, especially those interested in the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit -   How to establish credit history - good article on how people with no credit history can build one quickly. How to boost credit score to obtain a ...
Not sure if everyone saw this, but this post on  "Prime Borrowers Now Going Into Foreclosure" from   Here is an excerpt: 13.16% of all residential mortgages are in trouble. With about 51 million houses with mortgages in the country, that means 6.71 million bad mortgages out there. W...
Reposting from - click here to see the original post. If you’re looking for a great deal on a home, check with the bank.  Due to high foreclosure rates, banks have tons of inventory they want to get off their books.  They wont give it away for nothing, and you need to make sure the ...
I thought this was a pretty good post and worth passing along - explains what a GFE is and how to use it when comparing loans:
Check out this book marking tool from Only Wire
I thought I would pass along an unadvertised deal from Medical Home Alert.  This is for the personal emergency response buttons that seniors living alone wear in case they fall or just need help. Their standard internet deal is free equipment, free shipping and monitoring for $29.95 a month with ...
Thought I would share this article that outlines the impact of the new federal stiumlus bill on mortgages - does anyone else see any other impacts we can take advantage of?  
I thought this comment from the Washington Post was interesting: "In some localities, officers are targeting vacant houses on regular patrols, using maps of foreclosed properties as guides, while working with community watch groups to identify trouble spots. Empty driveways, overgrown lawns, real...

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