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At True Sarasota Real Estate, we help home buyers and real estate investors find the best price on the best real estate in Sarasota, FL. As Licensed Sarasota Real Estate Agents & Exclusive Buyers Agents, we love sharing Sarasota real estate virtual tours and Sarasota real estate news with people across the world who are considering relocating or investing in Sarasota real estate.



Planning Retirement at Age 34 A  real estate market like this has a tendency to change things. Positive market trends are emerging due to low interest rates and low home prices. And home buyers are taking notice. People in their 30's are actively searching for not just investment property or a se...
Listing Price is Often Deceptive As with any real estate purchase, a general price range is necessary to narrow down the options. However, a few days out with a recent client has me shaking my head as to the state of pricing strategy and it's effectiveness. While searching for a four bedroom home...
New Traffic Patterns Abound in Sarasota When one hears the word “pattern” in South Florida, everyone thinks weather. But the new patterns that are driving the locals crazy are the new traffic patterns cropping up around Sarasota. These changes are designed to make the flow of traffic smoother – I...
Real Estate Market Hits Rock Bottom It is probably the hottest topic in real estate now. Buyers want to know when the bottom of the real estate market will be. They tell me every day – “I don’t want to buy until the market has hit bottom”. The ironic part of the statement is that we will not know...
Location, Location, Location! It’s an age old real estate adage – it’s all about location. It’s actually pretty hard to go wrong on the location front in Sarasota, but the diversity of available options can make choosing one interesting. From our beautiful islands, called Keys, to our picturesque...
Sarasota Hurricane Season ends with a Whimper, Again. What do Sarasota, Hurricanes, John Ringling, the native Floridian Indians and modern day scientists all have in common? Their premise that Sarasota is one of the safest havens from hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, stretching from Mexico to Florid...
How Did Robo-Signing Affect the Market?   The robo-signing problem surfaced when Ally Bank (formerly GMAC) admitted to pushing through about 10,000 foreclosure files a month, a number which signaled that files were barely being glanced at, let alone properly reviewed. As the practice surfaced, Al...
Sarasota Reports Increase in Sea Turtle Nesting Scientists have reported 721 sea turtle nests on the beaches of Sarasota, which represents the highest number in almost a decade. Loggerhead turtles represent the greatest percentage, with green sea turtles close behind. Experts are speculating as t...
Clear Title in REO Transactions When it comes to getting great deals while keeping your sanity, forget the short sales. REO's (Real Estate Owned by the bank) are post-foreclosure properties that the bank has no interest in holding onto. These homes are generally aggressively priced and if you are...
Sarasota Restaurants We always make it a point to ask clients which Sarasota restaurants they have found that have become favorites. Recently it seems, many people are opting for Italian…and liking what they find! Seafood and salads, though, are still high on the list. Mattison’s downtown continu...

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