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The watershed of the sunrise river is heavily polluted with fecal coliform, (human and animal waste).   This watershed is contained in two counties, Chisago and Isanti.   A plan to improve the watershed was put into place in Feb. 2007.  Both counties will start to identify private septic systems ...
I love to work with the aging population.  You never know what they will come up with, and today was no exception.  The Lady of the house was a real cracker jack.  She came up with this one. A guy was trying to consol he buddy who had just caught his wife in bead with another man... "Get over it ...
Well, the post office is complaining they will be heavily into the red again.  The new rate increase will NOT bring them into the black.  There is talk about going to a 5 day delivery.  I THOUGHT THAT 30 YEARS AGO! In today's age of instant messaging, do we really need the mail on Saturday.  I se...
Most Gun retailers are seeing a large increase in Gun sales.  The biggest increase has been since after the holidays and when Obama took office.  The reasons vary greatly. Obama has talked about more control on firearms and ammunition.  So, many hunters and target shooters have been purchasing th...
Buckthorn was imported from Europe in the 1800's as a hedgeing material.    this shrub quickley started to get out of hand.  It looks to be real inviting for the local birds because of the berries it produces, but, it is not a favorite of the birds.  In fact it is more of a last choice.  This shr...
This sunday the 1st of March is the last day you have to move your Fish House off Minnesota's lakes. The southern 2/3 rds of the state requires you house to be off this Sunday, Northern 1/3 you still have a few weeks. Being we were moving it last weekend, we did a bit of fishing... This 35" North...
Those of you who have followed my blogs have seen a few about the Good Ol' Boys in the neighborhood.  I seen the guys 3 days ago.  They were going to try Ice  Fishing for the first time.  2 days ago I stopped to talk with them, but the wives said they were tired and had gone to bed.  I went last ...
I Feel that I am more patient than most people.   But then again I lose it quickly for no reason at all.  The thing that tries my patience is being in traffic.  So when I read the following...I could totally relate! (I NEVER USE THE HORN!) On a cold day a woman's car stalled at a bad intersection...
The Polka dance at the North Branch Senior Center is thursday, the 19th.  This time around for the first time we have the very well known Polka mann...Tony Jambor.   For many years Tony had a TV show that was on friday and saturdays.  He is known all around the country ( by the Baby Boomers) for ...
Yup, almost that time again.  Sunday, the 22nd season closes for large game fish, ie: Northern, Walleye, Bass and a few others.   The following sunday, March 1.  Your fish house needs to be removed.  After this date, fines will be imposed. Start thinking now. We had areas with a lot of rain and s...

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