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I DON'T THINK SO!  The Full time agent is just starting to build up steam.  There is so much to learn, many people to be in contact with, (other professionals) Zoning codes, market trends, pricing, sales, short sales, foreclosures...ECT! You can't begin to stay on top of it all if you are not stu...
As I said before...Spring is in the air, and love is on the minds of many of God's creatures...including man.  With that being said...make sure you know who you are talking to! A young lady invites her boyfriend to have dinner with her and her parents...and being this is such a big deal, afterwar...
Fishermen UNITE!!  I joined a group call the Anglers Legacy.  This is a non-profit, non-dues fishing gourp that pledges to introduce someone to the fun of fishing. The Pledge goes like this... "I" as an Anglers Legacy Ambassador, do pledge to introduce on acquaintance to fishing each year who has...
Many are right now singing this phrase!  A lot won't even make it home before dinner let alone midnight.  Spring is in the air, and it's time to Party!  I now,  been there, done that.  But please do it carefully.  A designated driver is the best way.  Now the Good Ol' boys down the road do it a d...
I have had several E-Mails from my AR friends that say they would love to try fishing.  So here is just the starter course to do just that. You can go to any discount Department store, and by a Rod and Reel at a resonable price.  You need a package of Medium sized hooks.  Bait is next.  Worms fro...
The warm weather has people thinking about vacations already.  With the economy as it is, the Resort owners are seeing a lot of business already at some of the better resorts.   State Camp grounds will also be reserving the best sites now and if you wait, it could be to late for that "Perfect" sp...
I thought it was a fluke. Yesterday, I got a call from an agent that had put his license on ice, and was now looking to re-activate.  No big deal.  But today when I got a 2nd call for the same thing, I was a bit taken back. Talking with both of these agents, both with more than 10 years, they fee...
A word of caution....NOT every attorney understands Real Estate Law.  The year is young and already I am on my 3rd problem where an attorney wrote up a legal description or cleared a title only to find we have a problem. Real State was not the specialty for these Attorney's. Do yourself a favor.....
I was accused once by my wife of not listening to her...All Right, All Right....once this morning. (That's really good for me!)   So when I read this, I thought...YUP, that's me!  Hope you enjoy! OH To Be Six Again... I was sitting on the edge of our bed, observing my wife looking at herself in t...
This is an ongoing debate.  The Senior Center where I volunteer has some spry Seniors. I was given this to share. AAH, The Golden Years! A row of bottles on my shelf, Caused me to analyze myself. One yellow pill I have to pop, Goes to my heart so it won't stop. A little white one that I take, Goe...

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