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I was talking with a friend the other day.  He was going through a nasty divorce.  No kids involved. (thank goodness).  He asked me if I knew why a divorce costs so much... "Yea, cause they are worth it", I replied.  we both chuckled.  This is his 3 rd time around.  His first was just a mistake b...
I was asked to join an aquaintence for a round of golf.  I love to play, but don't play often and am even worse than that.  This story may give you an idea of my skill... 2 ants were in a sand trap watching as the duffer flailed away at the ball.  One of the ants said... "Quick, get on top of the...
I have been working on a project for my Step-Daughter.  I am putting new time on the garage.  Now, the garage was built by an amature.  Things are not level or straight.  The lumber was used and crooked and I am trying to make things look nice.   It seams that every step  I take another issue cro...
Good morning to all.  An update on Corrina's surgery.  She went into surgery mid afternoon yesterday.   She went in with us finding out that she had 2 problems and possibly 3, with her heart.   With prayers abound the steady hands of the Dr.s and his team, they fixed the problems she had in very ...
I am in a hotel waiting for the night to pass. My grand daughters surgery is in the morning. I chose this place because they had wi-fi so I could work off my phone. Check carefully when you plan. I could not get it to work. The manager let me try his computor but it would not run AR. I finally we...
Ever kick yourself because you don't have your camera handy?  Well I am, because this quaint little restaurant begs to be seen.  My wife and I have visited this home cooking cafe' off and on over the years.  We stopped today and were so glad we did.  Some history... This circa 1895 building has a...
This old dog is set in his ways.  But, the ways of the future in in the ways of NEW tricks.  Technology is forging ahead and if you don't keep up, you are left in the dust. I have been lucky so far, but I have a few clients that are puching me harder to start testing.  YUP, I DON'T text...at leas...
It has been a long week and very stressful since yesterday.  I find myslef doing things and going back to do them again only to realize I had already finished.  It reminds me of this gentleman... An elderly man goes into a Brothel and askes the Madam for a young girl. Looking at him she asked. "...
After about an hour or so on the road, I recieved a phone call.  "Go back Home."  WHY!!!  The Surgery was reschedualed for Early Monday morning. This is where things stand.  Corrina has 'Aortopulmanary Window'.  This is a heart defect that affects about 1 in 1.6 million infants.  It has something...
I just received a phone call.  They have detected a heart mummer in my new granddaughter.  It is severe enough that it requires surgery RIGHT NOW.  A prayer for strength and for the Dr's. steady hand Please. Corrina is just 3 weeks today.  I will post additional info as I can.  Thanks You and God...

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