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Telemarketing calls.   They come at all times of the day, but mostly during dinner or your favorite TV show.  WHY??? Well, mostly because that is when you are home.  I received one the other day and I was cordial, short, but not rude.  This is not the way I use to treat them. I used to yell and h...
My wife's kids gave her a new VCR so she could tape her shows.  They talked to one of the 'experts' form Walmart. Mistake #1 They were told this unit could be used to tape from an antenna without the converter box.  They believed him. Mistake #2 When they unboxed it and tried to install it, they ...
I meet a lot of people in my travels.  One recent person of interest shared this with me... A man was placing flowers on his mothers grave.  He was headed back to his car when he spotted another man praying with profound intensity...Why did you have to die...Why did you have to die... Why did you...
Up in our area, recently there has been a push on the small space heaters run by electric.  Some make claims that they only cost a dollar a day to run.  A friend said that she was able to heat her kitchen and dinning room with one of these units.    But the rest of the house was with the propane ...
 Don and Jan Christy were married 50years ago last thursday.   Thjey are the Aunt and Uncle of my wife.   Great people who often give more of themselves even when they should be on the recieving end.  Congratulations Don and Jan.  May you be blessed with many more.
I am lucky that where I live in North Branch, Mn that I am able to go out my back door and cut all the wood I need.  The overhead for doing this is just a bit of time.   Today, I was able to cut almost 2 full cords of wood.   A cord of wood is 4' X 4' X 8' .  Most of my wood, because I hve an out...
It was brought to my attention after I wrote the last blog that the Minnesota DNR is buying acorns this year again.   You need to check with your county forestry department. Isanti County is still looking for Red Oak and Pin Oak Acorns.   They must be free of the caps, and not cracked.  You put t...
I know, you are saying 'yea, what about them'.  Well first of all, I am not talking about the group[ that has been in the headlines (again).  I am talking about the fruit from the majestic Oak tree.  If you live in the big city, you may have no idea what I am talking about.  These little morsels ...
I am Very distraught.  I am a lover of chocolate.  Dark chocolate is tops on the list.  While there are many brands that just don't fit an everyday budget, I find I can support my habit with Dove or even Hershey's if I need to. But, after buying a small 4.25 ounce bar, (Small to me) I was looking...
I hate shopping for a car.  I don't like to buy new because of the drastic loss in value after even a year.  But even when I did buy new, I just didn't like it. Not many sales people that I trust.  Here is an example... A county girl was looking at trading in her old car.  The dealer wouldn't giv...

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