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I would like to thank all who sent prayers up for my Mother-in -Law.  She did come home today, although My wife and I are not thrilled about it being so soon.  She still has many issues that she is battling besides the broken ribs.  Thanks again  to all.
I am one of the worst spellers around.  I have  Dictionary at hand( By the way...if I don't know how to spell the word, how will I find it in the dictionary?) I use spell checker every chance I get.  I still miss some of the mis spelled words. Well here is a great example of why you should proof ...
I am asking for prayers for my Mother-in-Law.  She took a fall yesterday and this morning was in severe pain.  She has bee taken to the hospital where we believe she may have broken a rib or 2.   She is 85 and has very severe heart problems also.  She is also not real tolerant of some medication....
It took a few phone calls, but we found one.  A Golf course that would let us play a round.  Some think we are crazy, but why waste a nice day when snow is knocking at the door.  That was the statement of my friend Bob.  Him and his buddies are die hard Golfers.  I guess, I can't ridicule them.  ...
Every Year we talk at this time of year what we are most thankful for.  We run the gamut that happened each year.   It is surprising what we forget during the year.  But for this year...Although we are so very thankful for the Skill of the Dr.s...we salute the researchers that come up with the ne...
Mr. NO Tech Head here...as I have said many, many times before, I am not technilogically inclined.  Well, someone has finally come up with something I understand. It's called...The Laws of Computing. And it goes something like this... The 43rd Law of Computing: Anything can go wr fortune: Segment...
We hosted the Turkey Day dinner today.  We have taken all week to get ready.  Cleaning, food prep, games and beverages to to name a few. Then it's up early and to bed late with the final prep.  I made 3 last trips to town for that forgotten item(s) yesterday.  Then, the crowd starts to trickle in...
Mark the Calenders...Santa is coming to Town! Santa will be making an appearance at Peterson's Country Mill  Dec. 5th between 10 am and 4 pm. Bring the kids and the pets, Santa loves them all.  Pictures with the kids, family or you can even include your pets. There will be a petting zoo for ages ...
As I have said many times before, I am not a Tech head.  I know how to turn on my computer and how to get to Active Rain.  What more could I need???? Well I was over at the neighbors house and trying to help her with her computer.  I asked her for her password.  She said... "It's...MickeyMinniePl...
There are many things that are purchased for Christmas presents.  Pets being a popular one.  But is it a smart one. Most puppies and Kettens are very young when brought to anew home.  They need love and attention.  With all the presents that are received, many times the pet is set aside.  Now it'...

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