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For several years now I have blamed being tired on to much pressure at my job.  But Now I know why I am tired.  I am being overworked.  The population of this country is 300 million. 135 million are retired, leaving just 165 million to do the work. There are 98 million in school.  That leaves jus...
I have had people say that us Minnesotans are hard to understand.  I guess, I just don't get that part.  We are most often easy going and very simple in nature.  I am hoping that this story will shed some light on us.   A farmer walks into a lawyers office and says..."Id' like to get one of them-...
The report on the replacing the bridge over interstate 35 and hwy 95 in North Branch Mn. is coming along nicely.  Even with the extreme cold we had most of the winter, work has continued.  Last report is that the project is close to being on time. The main girders were put up in the last few days...
I have not always taken the best care of myself.  Poor diet, not much exercise.  I had put on some weight also.   I have taken back control of my health.  I exercise, I eat better and I am trying to shed a few winter pounds.  Positive re-enforcement is what I need.  I went to the Doctor the other...
We are fast approaching the end of another, Ice Fishing season.  Game fish season closes at 12:00 AM on the 1st of March.   At the same time, regulations say that these great looking places need to be off the ice also.  The southern 2/3rds of the state is controlled by this regulation.  If you li...
                                                            Ok, So it doesn't look like a lot to some of you,but for many here in the Nort land, it is a big thing.  We have had just above freezing temps for about the last 5 days.  No, it isn't enough to trigger the floods, but it does bring a smi...
I  have a client that is very sensitive to odors.  Even pleasant ones.  So when I show a home, I request NO Candles or other perfumes to be used. Today, we alked into a home, and the smell of spiced apple almost pushed me out the door.  I went in and my client stayed out.  NO candles burning, but...
We are told for our own safety, we should not fight back during a crime.  But, not all people believe in that.  In fact, many take it upon themselves to stop the crime before any help can even be summoned.  Many are successful and many are not.  Some even bring a smile to your face.  This is one ...
Once again it was our turn at Whispering Pines Realty to serve the diner for the people gathered for some fun and dance. We served about 60 people, joined in on a few polka's to help wear off the extra piece of cake.  This is our 2nd year of volunteering and each dance is better and better. Just ...
I have said it before and will say it again, I am not a good person with technology.  So when I was having problems with my printer, I called Tech Services.  The conversation, after waiting 45 min., went something like this...   "Tech Service, How may I help you?" me:"Hi, my printer is not workin...

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