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After today there is only 3 weeks until the Minnesota Fishing opener.  I see this every year.  People show up to the Boat Landing, dump the boat into the water and then for the first time since last year...try to start it.  I have seen Dead batteries, fouled spark plugs. One guy came pulling his ...
I had not thought of this reason before.  I had several of my own, but, this is also a great reason. With all the advancements in technology of late regarding fertility, a lady at the age of 56 gave birth.  After being discharged from the hospital, she went home to start her mothering duties.  Af...
We have not done this in a long time, so when my son asked me if I wanted to go to a model train show...Yea! I said. I played around some with the models when I was in the pet/hobby business, but that was 20 years ago.  I still have my train from when I was 2...and it is in fantastic shape still....
People have all kinds of pets, but the dog and cats are the most popular.  For many reasons.  Foods for the animals have always brought a raised eyebrow to me.  Lets take Dogs first...many foods are vegetable based.  In the wild, they are meat eaters. How about cats.  Now here is wide range of fo...
This was sent to me by a good friend.   Said I need to keep this in mind when helping clients. While showing off his new Condo to his Business friends, one of them asked... "What is this big brass gong and hammer for?" "That's a talking clock" the new owner replied. "How does it work?" The young ...
This is something that many people don't think of doing, especially those with a shallow well.   Contaminated can filter into the underground water source without you even knowing it. I can't count the times that A water test has come up with a problem during the sale process.  Even my Daughters ...
I think we all get tired of this type of marketing.  I used to get 3-4 pieces of Junk mail a day at the office.  Mostly credit card offers and charities.  This is what I hve done.  The Charities, I send back the self paid envelope and ask to be taken off the list.  Credit cards, I do the same.  I...
It is the annual Snipe Hunt!  and our Victim is...Umm I mean, Hunting Partner is a good friend, one of whom has never been Snipe Hunting.  That would be Jack. It was the perfect night...Very dark and overcast.  Just a slight wind crossing our quarries lair, and just cool enough to see a hint of y...
In our area of Minnesota, Oak wilt is a devastating disease that affects the red oak family.    We have been told for many years not to cut down or prune these hardwood in June and July. Well, with the early spring we are having, that pruning should stop closer to the middle of may this year.  Pr...
Many people don't realize that if you have a private septic, that you need to pump the tank every2-3 years.  In fact, many counties here in Minnesota now require proof that you did. Spring is one of the best times to do this maintenance.  One of the big reasons is because, Private Septic systems ...

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