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This great weekend was a lot of fun.  We spent a lot of time around the little town near our cabin. We were in town at the Ice Cream shop when 5 of our fighting troops came in.  By the conversation, a couple of them had just got home from a tour.  The Sargent told his men that he  was buying. Whi...
Saying that one home sale is like another, is like saying all trees are the same.   Not all homes are created equal and quality varies a lot. That is one of the reasons for home inspections.  It is also why some homes that look identical...are more expensive. If you are not worried about the Bell...
I was helping an elderly lady with some odd jobs this week.  She calls me once a week or so to work a small list.  She is 85, has one arm that is paralyzed and still lives alone.  When I am done, we sit and talk for short time.   I sometimes think she just wants company. Like many of the elderly,...
I should be in bed after the long day and the big weekend ahead, but I had to share this laast funny... Morris is 82, and a few days after his last physical, he meets his dr. on the Street. Morris has a beautiful young lady on his arm.   "You seamto be doing just great, Morris." "I sure am, Said ...
Many people will get an early start by heading out tomorrow.  But, know your route.  You may see many signs like this...   Or This...   There are a lot of these signs all over the State.  2 projects involve State Hwy 95, in Cambridge and in North Branch.  There are minor Detours on both and both ...
This fits into my way of thinking.  I now know why I am so healthy! A fifth grade teacher wanted to teach his class about the evils of drinking. The teacher took a glass of water and a glass of alcohol.  He then took a worm and put it into the glass of water.  "See class how the worm moves around...
Today, it was 94 with 58% humidity.  Now that can be a bit rough on us people...but what about our animals that are outside. Heat stroke is a common thing for our pets, so here are just a few things to think about... 1. Does your pet have enough clean water to make it through the day? 2. Does you...
The phone Rings..."Helloo!" "BILL, I Need help!  I have a monster in my yard!" That is what the frantic voice on the other end yelled.  My caller ID let me know it was my 88 year old neighbor lady who still lives alone!  (If I can be that lucky at that age) "A Monster?  What kind of monster", as ...
This is for my horse loving AR friends.  Hope you enjoy... An out of towner ran his car into the ditch.  The local farmer came to lend a hand with one of his big draft horses.  The farmer said..."OL buddy will have you out in no time." The farmer hooked up Buddy to the front of the car and comman...
Never question a person who is not in there right mind... A Psychologist was checking in on two of his patients. The first was sitting on the floor moving his hand back and forth like he was sawing wood. The 2nd patient was hanging from the ceiling. "What are you doing" the Dr. asked the first gu...

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