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That monthly Polka Dance is TODAY!.  Whispering Pines Realty will again be serving the lunch for this Gala.  For those that come there will be a loss of calories, a gain of laughter and some good ol' Fun happening.  So come and enjoy us for an afternoon of joy. A small admission and a free will o...
After a few liquid libations...sometimes it is hard to notice even the obvious.  Case in Point... 2 long time friends were talking in the Bar."If I ask you a question, do you promise to answer me honestly", asked the first. "Sure" replied the Friend. "Well", said the first guy, "Why do you think ...
I said I would post a few photo's of our fishing excursion.  We had a lot of fun although the fish did not cooperate the best.  We caught enough for a meal...that was the goal in the long run.  This sunfish was a very nice size for the lake we were fishing.  It gave this angler a thrill for the w...
NO!!!! Don't panic!!! This happened to me this weekend.  Fishing with some friends that just get out once or twice a year.   They are not very proficient in their casting abilities, but I take time to teach them.  Everyone on the pontoon is being careful but accidents do happen, and all of a sudd...
Attorney's....They get a bad rap and many time they deserve it.  A friend of mine was following some advice given by his counsel and almost lost everything he owned.  Bad advice.  So here are a few things to watch for when using an Attorney. You know you need a new atty. when... You met him in pr...
It is finally here.  Everyone who follows me knows that it wi the Fishing Opener.  I head out early this morning to get things ready for the group of friends that will be joining us.  So let's start the weekend with a smile... The Game Warden had been watching a popular stream for fishing.   Ever...
Many people have lost jobs and still looking for work after a year or more.  A very serious issue all around.  I thought I would bring a bit a of a smile to a few faces.  Unemployment hasn't always seamed fair...case in point. Sven and Ole were working in a Minnesota garment plant and both were l...
It is a dreary day here in Minnesota, but we needed the rain badly.  So, our spirits are high with good weather for the weekend.  So to amuse ourselves we toss around little ditty's like this... Young Tommy was just potty trained.  But when he went to the Bathroom...he hit everything but the toil...
Some of the things that you hear coming from the CEO's of many companies makes you go HUH?!   Here is a list of some of the dumb thing's that were said. As of tomorrow...Employees will be able to access the building using new individual security cards.  Pictures will be taken on Wed. and employee...
I try and get on the lake as often as I can as many know.  I also like to fish with others, it is a great way to get to know people.  Here is an excerpt from last year. I was out fishing with a couple of the 'Good Ol' Boys from my neighborhood.   We were in a rented boat as mine was up at the cab...

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