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That is right...Opening Fishing is a State Holiday for many.  Construction will come to a halt after Thurs., Wed for some!  Is this a paid Holiday...Well, No but many employers will allow longer days this coming week to make up for the day off. This weekend for many is the best weekend of the yea...
No, not usual, but not uncommon either.  Our fishing opener is normally around this time of year, Next weekend this year.  Back in the 60's and 70's, it would snow 2of 5 opening days.  In current times, we haven't seen snow on the opener since '97. We are seeing a glaze on some of the side street...
Even tho this is a humorous story, if you think about it, our marketing many times is not all that different.   We must change and adapt to current conditions and experiment until we find what works. 2 guys went Moose Hunting every fall and never shot a Moose.   This year one of them came up with...
It has been a long day.  Not complaining, just a long day. Nothing better than finding a chuckle in my E-Mail.  So I am going to share this one. A wife was upset with her husband for being out so often late at night.  So the next time he took her with him. "What will you have?" he asked her. "I s...
If you are fishing Minnesota's Fishing Opener, this is your last weekend to get ready.  You don't want to be running around on Friday night 6pm trying to get out of town and not know if the motor is going to start. I have a small cabin just off the lake.  This weekend is for opening it up.  Hooki...
Here is a great example how we have become overly dependent on modern technology.  I live in a rural part of Minnesota.  Not out in the sticks, just not in town.  I include very precise directions for my listings.  I had an agent call on Friday and was lost.  Could not find the home.  Her GPS wou...
Well, at least so far.  During our afternoon meeting today, one of my agents logged in and was able to leave a comment and it appeared! Now, We at Whispering Pines Realty realize that this could be a temporary condition as there is a lot more work to be done from what I hear...But to be able to c...
Every now and again, out Pastor shows that he is human and throws out a joke that makes you wonder, although it fit perfectly into his message.  Here is that funny... Every Sunday after church, a local pastor would ride his bike to an appointed place and meet the Bishop.   Then the 2 of them woul...
I was sent this by a friend of mine.  He understands what we are going through so he thought WE could all use a chuckle. A father sent his son to college.  After a few months, the son was out of money.  He was partying way to much.  He was trying to figure out how to ask Dad for a bigger allowanc...

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