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With all the sophisticated instruments our weather people have, they still don't have a good handle on what Mother Nature has in store for us. Over the last few weeks, I have heard from several news sources that the winter is going to be a Hard one with lot of snow.  Now, to day, the Farmers Alma...
Talk about calling the kettle black! Here you have an iconic sportsperson.  One of the elite of his time being accused of lying to congress.  Now, Congress has the Federal prosecutors pressing charges against him. Now think about this....Congress, a body of our representatives that have lied to u...
I like to think I am quick witted, but sometimes my blonde roots show through.  But experience does have a way of changing that... A lady lost her purse in a mall full of holiday shoppers.  In a few minutes, an honest little boy brought the purse to her.  "HMMM, When I lost the purse, I only had ...
Actually, it is the final harvest on my part.   What started out like this... ] Ended up like this.   Now we had many meals of fresh produce and again as much put up for winter enjoyment.  But, it is time to plan for next year... What grew well AGAIN this year and do we need to plant as much or m...
Is title insurance necessary?  OH YEA! Being kind of a boring subject I will keep this on the short side. I bought a cabin on the lake.   "Do you want title insurance?" I was asked.  Being the smart Real Estate Broker that I am, I said  "No".  I thought I would save the few hundred dollars. I fix...
No secrete about my Fishing, but including Romance is a bit different on my side.   After a good morning of fishing, handling over 2 dozen fish and being splashed with water, not to mention the sweating in the hot sun, I come back to the cabin. I walked into the house and my wife met me at the do...
Yea, I know.  Some of you are asking what else is it about. There is a whole host of different things...relaxation, spending time with friends and or family.   But last night it was about the moon! Yes, the Moon. We have had a great clear skies for viewing the moon.     Before the rise of the moo...
Well, it has happened again...A stupid question form an Atty.   Although he did catch himself and even laughed at what he said, it made me think of some of the other dumb questions that have been asked... ****************************************** Now I ask you again sir, was it you or your Broth...
It was a day to clear the head...OK, part of a day.  Real Estate under control until late evening, my wife and took some time out.    There is nothing more relaxing than water flowing over the rocks.  It is one of nature's relaxation tapes.   To share this special time with someone you Love makes...
This past Sunday I wrote the above blog.   I also promised to give the results.  Many of you know of the 'Good ol' Boys in my neighborhood.  The one thing they are not short on is HEART.   So when I brought the problem of the lady's car to the attention of one, the others jumped right in to help....

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