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The fall can brings uncertain weather and her in the North Land...the snow can hit at most anytime.  There is limited time for family outings in the nice fall air.  The leaves are already making their decent in the northern part of the state.  Many of the outdoor venues are closing or only open w...
I used to be real surprised by our young people and how little math they know...But, I am not surprised any more.  Here is a ditty to prove my point... A young college co-ed came running to her Dad crying..."Dad, you gave me some terrible financial advice." "I did?" asked the father.  "What did I...
Fall Colors supports a fun time for many.  As the leaves turn the variety of shades many hit the roads to check out how beautiful the scenery is.  They will OOO and AHHH and OOO some more.  many businesses will OOO and AHHH as they here the bell on the registers ding a bit more often for the next...
I have learned volumes of things in my lifetime.  But, I recall just a few chapters.  (Less than that if you ask my Loving Wife. :-)  ).   Here are a few that we should remember to recall... 1) Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time! 2) There is a very thin line between 'Hobby...
My previous post I talked about the personal safety course that I took.  Bullseye shooting range is where we did our shooting to qualify. I have driven past this venue for sportsman of all kinds but had never been inside.   This place is not just a shooting range but a full service gun shop also....
I am sending some Happy birthday wishes to my Step-Daughter.  She is turning...X0.  C'mon...you know you never tell a ladies age. She is going through some hard personal times and I just wish her the best in the next few months.  "My Dear daughter, may God be with you during your trying times and...
I have a client looking for  some farm land that has not had any kind of commercial fertilizer or sprays used on it for about 10 years. He is looking to grow All Natural foods...Organic certified.  We looked at several that I know of and are looking into it much closer. But, as for me I try to st...
Another soft water season is almost over. Many boats are already in storage.  But, did you put that boat away correctly?  Here are a few tips to make the spring opener more enjoyable. Did you drain the gas out of the motor?  Or at least put in a gas stabilizer.  Corrosion and the break down of th...
OK, I will disclose up front that this is a bit of a groaner...but, hey...What do you expect from us Nortern People anyvay?! Ole walks into his buddy Sven's barn and sees Sven doing a sexy strip tease in front of a piece of large Green Machinery. "What da heck are you doin Sven?" askes Ole. Sven ...
I hear it everyday... "Wow, fall is sure getting here fast" " I live the color" "I hate the fall, winter is almost here." We humans are all on a different page. Well, so is mother Nature.  Here is a maple tree in my yard.  This brightly colored branch is ready for fall, but the rest of the tree i...

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