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Ever have one of those days where you are just a minute late and a dollar short all day long.   Well it con't be as bad as this poor fellow. It appeared that a young teen had overturned a wagon load of corn.  Hearing the noise the neighbor came over and said...Willis, forget your troubles and com...
These will make you ponder just a bit.  So much that happens in our country and world for that matter never makes sense. Neither do many of these... Just how important must a person be to be Assassinated and not just Murdered. What disease did 'Cured' ham actually have. Why is it we were able to ...
This is a new one on me.  When you think you have heard them all, just wait a few minutes.  I listed a house  a while back and it needs some minor repairs.  I made a list of thing that should be done that are very obvious. "I'm not fixing that stuff, it's just fine for us, it will be fine for a b...
Now many people say that Ghosts and Spirits are all nonsense.  Well, That could be and maybe not, I do not have the expertise in this area to debate this forum. But what I do know is that many houses 'feel' Haunted all year long.  Here are just a few examples that you may want to check for if you...
With the election just a few days away, many of us will welcome the week or two before the Presidential campaigning starts.  Until then, This may help you get through. There was a bus load of Politicians driving around a rural mountainous area.  The bus got to close to the edge and over it went. ...
It was around 6:45 last night when talking to a client that my land line went dead.  I then called back or I should say tried to call back and got the message...."we are sorry, all circuits are busy right now.  Please try your call again." That was my cell phone.  I tried several times and finall...
Yup, it's true.  There are many people here who didn't think I would amount to much, but, HA...I fooled them.  I am now in position to take on a part time position with anyone who will employ me.  I don't care what station, in this economy, who can be fussy. My weather skills have been tried and ...
Deer camp is place that a bunch of smelly men gather to laugh, lie and tell jokes.  Once in a while a bit of hunting gets in the way also.  Now, have you ever listened to a room full of guys sleeping.  Yea...The snoring will be dangerous to the naked ear.  But, I solved it one year... No one want...
OK...that sounds really bad on the surface.  But is it really bad deep down.  While a point could be made that those in the bottom half of their class don't know as much or are not as qualified as the top ranking agents let's look closer. I will take myself.  Although, I know I was in the upper p...
It's only two weeks away!  Deer Hunting opener.  Every year the same ol' stories pop up.  I don't mind, Most still bring a chuckle.  Just like this one. A newly married couple were having a discussion about Deer Hunting.  Particularly about the New wife going with the guys.  "There is no reason w...

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