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It has been a wet summer and the ground in my area was saturated.  3 weeks ago, I couldn't barely walk through the woods let alone drive my tractor, so cutting fire wood was out of the question. Even the farmers were wondering how they were going to harvest the Beans, let alone the corn a few wee...
I was watching a debate the other night and it is reason to be scared.  No one was wrong about anything.  Things were pointed out about all candidates and everyone denied the statements, even tho much of it has been a  proven fact. It would be refreshing if just once a candidate said...Yes I did ...
Late last week we lost a staple in our community.  The long standing Mom and Pop Bakery has closed it's door.   The struggle was a long one in recent years.  With the opening of several coffee shops in town that served a variety of flavored coffee and other assorted coffee based drinks, the Baker...
Elusive What!?  Many of God's creatures are very elusive.  If you are out hunting them or even fishing or bird watching, the quarry you are looking for can be very elusive. I was looking for the elusive squirrel.  Yes Squirrel.  Now I know many of you are saying..."Hey Bill, I have adozen in my b...
Here in central; Minnesota, to say we are past peak is an understatement.   We are past the peak of picking up the leaves!  What started out like this... Now looks like this...    So today we will finish the outside work on this beautiful fall day and enjoy the work for tomorrow could be a much d...
No, the snow isn't in the immediate forecast, but it is not far away.  This is a warning call for all you yard People.  You know who you are, the grass is cut just so, lighter colored grass is given extra fertilizer so it will color out.   ( I will put myself into this category loosely) Fall is o...
People talk all the time, but do they really say what they mean.  A lady buys a 'pair' of panties...but just 'one' bra.   When I went to school, "Pair" meant two! Even our warnings to people don't make sense.  Why is there an expiration date on 'Sour Cream?'   It's already sour! Our security is u...
Fall in my area is like the end of a horse race..."And down the straightaway they come..." What started out like this... Has now given way to this...   Just a pile of brown leaves waiting for the next resting place as they return to dirt.   It didn't take long this year, about 2 weeks.  Some year...
Carbon Monoxide!!!   This silent killer is responsible for many deaths every year and the heating season is prime time!  Check those CO detectors and consider getting one that costs more than 20 bucks! NOW!!! Is the time to get that furnace checked.  If you burn wood, make sure the chimney is cle...
Most of us has had one will have one or has one now, and if you didn't fit into that category...Know of one.  They are the smartest people around in their opinion, yet have no idea what the world is really about.  So, let's get a better understanding of what a 'TEEN' is. A teen is.... A person wh...

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