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  As many of you out there know, I enjoy the outdoors.  Fishing hiking and hunting are the top 3. Well, Last year's Christmas was not the most enjoyable one.  You see, I harvested several deer and well, Someone took offense at that. I mean...I am a gentle person and I love all kinds of animals......
We have now hit on the biggest consumption time of the year.  A time when we can put many Americans back to work. So, are you looking at AMERICAN?, or is that overseas cheap knock off still getting the dollar. I Know, I Know...there are just some things that are not made in AMERICA.  I do agree! ...
KABOOM!!!!!!  Well, almost.   It was quieter than that.   My PC crashed.   I got the ThinkPoint maleware and it locked everything up.    A trip to my uncle, and 4 hours later, and I am up and running.   He did explain to me that my system was just short of being an antique.  (It should be worth m...
Thank God It's (Friday)...The Day After Thanksgiving.  Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, but we have so much to do before the next holiday...Christmas.  I am glad for the day after Thanksgiving because most of the leftovers are gone!!! I am glad it's the day after because my wife is out pr...
Yes...it is possible to have a Random Act of Kindness on 'Black Friday'.   I called my wife just to see how they were doing.  The ladies were sitting down and eating. Now...Sitting down and not shopping and then eating after stuffing our faces the day before...What's wrong with this picture. "Wel...
With the Holiday company milling around the women talking about 'Black Friday' deals is dominating their conversation.  Us guys for the most part are not interested in getting up at 3 or 4 am to save 3-4 dollars. Getting up to get to our hunting stands, well, that is a different story. What the g...
I was talking with some local organizers and they were telling me that they had 12 last minute families that asked for Thanksgivings Meal.  The organizers didn't have anything they could even start with.  Made a few calls and about a 1/2 hour later I asked for the names and numbers for the 12 fam...
Now, I don't want anyone to get me wrong.  Thanksgiving has a real serious side.  There are many explanations, both fact and fiction, that I have heard over the years.  The part I am good at is the lighter side.  I will let the bright scholars here in the Rain to bring out the true Thanksgiving s...
I have heard a wide range of political; greats in my short time on this sphere of dirt and water... George Washington...The so called Father of our country. Abe Lincoln...Honest Abe. There was Eisenhower, Kennedy, and many many more. Remember...Ronald Regan.   When Regan was in office we had Bob ...
Let me set the record straight, Most of my wisdom comes from people much smarter than me.  I am just smart enough to adopt it. Dogs and cats are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole! Time flies like and arrow, Fruit flies like a banana. Mother to Daughter advice:  Cook a man a fish ...

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