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Here in Minnesota, there are a half dozen or so destinations the people flock to for the elusive Walleye.   If you are fishing for meat on the table, you need to stay very close to home or just buy the fish sticks in the store.   Here is an example of what I mean... My Buddies Sven and Ole went t...
When looking at a home, there is much more to see than just the pretty decor.  Anyone can make the home look really nice and and inviting.  But, what is under all the flash. Especially when you are looking at a previously lived in home.  I look for the pride in ownership.   That tells me that the...
I have found that for me to make resolutions, it just doesn't pay.  For years I resolved to lose weight and I would usually gain a few pounds.  I would resolve to be kinder and someone would tick me off on the 2nd of January. I have found that there has been no way for me to make a resolution and...
I was given a gift this year that had 2 Christmas Carols on it for the 'fisherpeople'!  I found them to fit my style of life just fine.   So, I thought that many of you may also enjoy these, even the non-rain people! FISHY SMELLSSung to jingle bells Trudging through the snowOn a chilly Fishmas da...
Not that Christmas is in it's waning hours...we can set back and start to assess the damage to our pocket books. For many, it is easy to add it up and others, Well, would rather not know. Signs That you are Broke At communion, you go back for seconds.You think of a lottery as an investment.You ar...
It has been a great Christmas, up until today.  My Step son and his wife informed us that they Baby that is due in May, has some possible major Heart Issues. It is amazing what the Dr.s can do, but without God's help...it is all in vain. a Prayer for litte Greta, is a late Christmas wish for our ...
It was a late night in our household.   I was up early and relished in the quietness.   As I sat sipping my coffee I looked out over the wooded area behind the house. What will next year bring.  Will I prosper?   Will we be ravaged with storms?  Will my health hold up in the coming very busy year...
WEll, It is now or never.  I haven't picked on the fat boy yet.  But, I do know that by picking on him, I am also picking on myself! I hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! Santa is always good for a few laughs.  Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe new year to all!
Much of the population is very disgusted with the snowy weather.  But, there is an up side to all this snow. The local Mom and Pop stores have been having a Banner year.   Much of the snow issues have been on the weekend.  Harder to travel to the Big malls to shop so they are stying closer to hom...
I am not sure what station the Vikings will be on, but it should be a fun game.   It is snow like a banshee and looks like the last chigago home game. The Metrodome roof caved in and so the Vikes had to move to Minnesota Gophers new stadium with less seats than their are season ticket holders. ( ...

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