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When is is that a stick becomes a log? Think of the problems in life.  Think of others problems that all of a sudden involve you.  Sometimes you may get wrapped up in them and NOW those problems become yours. You are almost to the closing table and issues cropp up.  They may look like small stuff...
A snow bird in Minnesota terms is a person or persons that go south for the winter and then re-appear in the spring.  I have friends and clients that go south every year. The question I get from them often is..."What does my home look like with snow?" I usually tell them to come home and find out...
I didn't think that I would ever have to Post this information...But I believe that in today's world it is necessary. DOCTORS A) The number of Doctors in the U.S.   700,000B) Number of accidental deaths caused by Doctors each year.   120,000C) Accidental deaths per Doctor  0.171 GUNS A) Number of...
 As I have  blogged before about making sure we understand the question at hand, we also need to realize not all words mean the same.  Case in point... A nun walks into the shower where Mother Superior is taking a shower.   "There is a Blind man her to see you." Well, if he is blind, he can;t see...
Talking with my Grand Daughter this evening she talk about a friend who failed in a task that they were doing. We talked a bit more and I told her that her friend didn't just fail, they also succeeded. "How" she asked. Well, your friend succeeded in failing to complete the task.  Not all successe...
I have found that laughter, is a great way to break the ice and make people smile.  I never miss a chance to brighten someones day. So today when I went into my Eye Doctors office and asked them to check my glasses they said SURE! Then the lady behind the counter said..."You have  a screw loose."...
I had the privilege of working with a company new to me.  I had some scrap metal that needed to be removed.  I called "The Scrappers".  The guys are great to work with. Although, we were not able to get the job done, Yet, they had some great ideas that we will implement toe finish the job and kee...
It was a great day on many fronts today.  I feel very light on my feet, so I think I will share the mood.  Please remember I am laughing at myself.  Please join IN! A man walks into his bedroom and finds his wife packing her suitcase... "What are you doing?" he asks her. "I am moving to New York....
Well it did happen.  13 inchers plusd is what we ended up with here in my area of Minnesota. The one thing that does happen in our family when the snowfall gets deep is the family comes together to help each other out. But this sight goes away with the help and right equiptment.  We are now once ...
I got up this morning expecting a few flakes of snow on the ground.  NOTHING!!! Turned on the and heard that the storm was about 4-6 hours behind schedule.   Off we went and did our Sunday routine, I showed a house. Now it was about 3pm and the snow had finally started in earnest.  We ate out thi...

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