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Mother Nature has blessed us with Moisture,  2 inches since last night.  The one thing different is that it is LIQUID moisture.  The pond in my back yard isn't white and it is overflowing. This new rain has set me back about two weeks now for building my new Building.  Clay ground does not dry ou...
My wife informed me that we need to find a place to go that has a look of spring.   The arrangement was from our trip in Aug. to Alaska. She thought about a trip down south, but has now decided that "There's no place like home." At least for those that have a home.  We are planning a trip south t...
My wife and I had a disagreement the other day.  After a few days, I have figured out how to end these disagreements... Two secrets to keep a Marriage brimming..,1. when you are wrong, admit it.2. When you are right, shut up! My wife and I were happy for 30 years, and then we met. Take a hint whe...
I was informed today, that the picture below is missing from our gardens. Even the bright light that surrounds these flowers is missing. Now, normally I may complain but I am thanking GOD that this is all that is missing from our yards and gardens. I pray for the people who have lost their homes ...
WE knew iut would happen.  The price of gas would go back up and drastically.  WE also knew that the complaints would be coming along with the finger pointing.  It is always the other guys fault. Our local news station interviewed people as to what they were doing to combat the high prices.   The...
It is that dreaded season again.  Tick Season. The Deer tick is known for transmitting Lymes disease.  This can be and is a very debilitating illness.   Deer Ticks, unlike Wood ticks burrow into and under the skin.  I had one that had to be cut out. A woodtick usually only bites and stays in one ...
After Easter dinner and all the eggs and games we done, we got together a game of baseball. Nothing outlandish, just a small plastic bat and ball that the little kids use.   The kids were having a ball, for a while and then they decided to do something else. That is when the game got a bit more s...
I love to take a bit of quiet time and go for a walk in the woods. It is time alone that I cherish.  I look for game trails that will help me next fall and the time is also used to watch for the Moral Mushrooms. I stopped and sat on a stump, and I just had this feeling I was not alone. As I looke...
I grew up Catholic so I find many of these stories very humorous. A man had a very serious Heart Attack and had by-pass surgery.  When he woke from the surgery, he found himself in a Catholic hospital and in the care of nuns. As he became more coherent, one of the nuns asked the man how he was go...
Many of us have done it...but this is my last time. I was heading home after a guys night out and I was half drunk at the time.   I was driving a bit fast as it was late and soon I could see flashing lights behind me. The cop came up to my window and said..."Where are you going in such a hurry?" ...

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