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I feel sorry for some of the critters in these pictures. Some child is telling MOM that a cow stole his car! May as well milk this one before releasing her. This looked like a great spot to see from. If he only looked to his left, he could see the open window. Going up was a cake walk. What could...
It is very sad that so many people have no REAL idea what Memorial Day is about.   The school kids should all know, but even many of them do not. So the news will plaster all of the good deeds that the Politicians do today and others, but what about tomorrow? What about a week from today, or a mo...
I saw a guy wearing a cowboy boots and this came to mind... Roy saved his money and finally was able to by the cowboy boots he wanted. He was so proud that he wore them home. Upon arriving home he asked his wife if she noticed anything different about him. "Nope" she said. Upset he went into the ...
This hits home this week with the problems I have had. IN HEAVEN: The cooks are FrenchThe police are EnglishThe mechanics GermanThe Lovers are ItalianThe Bankers are Swiss  IN HELL: The cooks are EnglishThe police are GermanThe mechanics are FrenchThe Lovers are SwissThe Bankers are Italian In Co...
The Holiday weekend is upon us and looking from the sky I bet we look like a bunch of ants scurrying around. Years ago, we packed a lunch to eat on the way.  If we were lucky we were able to stop at a local dinner somewhere and have a sit down meal, but that ment we had to spend at least on hour ...
Gasoline! The price is high, but many of the stations are offering incentives and coupons. One of our local stations sends out gas coupons along with other specials.  they will even take competitor coupons. Others are offering free coffee and discounted pop. I ask only one thing...give me a fair ...
I have always been the type of computer user who was lacking confidence.   Confidence that I would not mess something up.  So here are the 3 types of users... Novice, intermediate and expert. Novice: People who are afraid that by simply pushing a key on the keyboard is enough to break their compu...
We love to see our Flowering Crab trees blossom.  It is a sign to us that the summer is approaching.  Warmer weather and time on the lake.  Memorial Weekend is nearly upon us and is one of the traditional starts of the summer for us. So I will be packing the car for my wife to go to the cabin.  I...
Well, the world was to end today, at least for some.  But, I am still here.  I guess I wasn't as good as I should have been.   I am not sure if anyone i know made it I will find out tomorrow at church. For those that did not get taken we will be subjected to awful horrors.  Earthquakes, floods an...
Technology is great.  Today we can share pictures and other info by just sharing a flash drive or a camera card. But we must be very careful with this generosity. I have a friend that gave someone his flash drive, only to have forgotten some 'Private' photo's on it.  To say that he was embarrasse...

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