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We must be careful of the sharp tongued partners we have.  You never know when they get their licks in... WE were at a friends place and the wife was nagging her husband about some project she wanted done. "Jenny, sut up about that already you are going to drive me crazy!" Jenny replied..."That w...
That is all I have heard for the last 45 days or so.  The state legislature put together a budget and the clown Of a Governor Vetoed it.  He wants to spend more that we are taking in.  Our state Constitution says we must have a balannced budget. That is the priority right now. It was reported by ...
My Granddaughter with the heart problem gets Baptized today. She is doing well and plans for surgery are in the making. We have family and friends coming form many hours away today.  We just pray for a safe trip for them and  everyone that is traveling on the roads today be it near or far. May Go...
The weather is finally to where I can get out and enjoy the open water.  Catching fish is just a bonus of being on the water. I usually only keep enough for a meal which is one or two nice fish.   So when I docked my boat and I saw this guy walking toward me with about a dozen small fish on his s...
Well, for those of you who are into the Football season, you are still hoping for an end to the lockout.   I am indifferent to the lockout, but I do feel for the people who will be losing a job that they so depend on to make a living. But, that problem is for others to fix.  For me, I just though...
Well, I thought I knew the answer to this statement but I really don't. My wife came down to my office and handed me a card.  It was my AARP card.  Ok, that is bad enough, but, my card said...VALID MEMBER SINCE:  2001  !!!! I asked my wife how this could be.  She said, well I signed you up when I...
I had a real surprise.  A client, an elderly lady, wants to put new garage doors on.  I told her I would help her find them.  I looked at them and I told her that they are standard 8' doors. I have installed close to 50 of these doors and the width is usually 8' or 16'.  Sometimes I see a 10 foot...
Here is a great way to get an idea of what people are thinking when they look at your home.  Step outside, become the buyer of your own home.  Walk in, and be honest and write down everything you wish was done.  Write down everything that you feel is wrong or that you would change if you were buy...
I was all mixed up this week with the construction at my house and other Real Estate that I forgot that we were going to the Local Parade. It is always a lot of fun.  There were bands, clowns and the Politicians.  Also the Royal court and floats and well just all kinds of fun.  So what is my favo...
I have a small weight problem.  I work hard to control it, but it is not easy.  But I think I finally found the answer and it was so simple! I should have figured this out sooner! It is the shampoo I use in the shower.When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down over my entire body.Written very pla...

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