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I have a wedding to go to this evening.  The best part is that it is on a Friday and doesn't mess up the entire weekend.   As most young couples they are so happy! I will give my best wishes for their dreams to come true. But reality... A young boy went to a wedding with his parents.  As the brid...
In simple terms...Lutifisk (If you don't know what it is...) is a Cod Fish that is dried with Lye and then re hydrated and cooked in boiling water.   It is served with a cream sauce and or butter.  (I like the latter) Now, most people believe that the smell is enough to scare away any criminal, b...
Just when did technology actually start.  Who determined that this was the age of technology.  Well, it may have been much earlier than you thought... After having dug to a depth of 10 feet, New York scientists discovered copper wire dating back 100 years.  They then came to the conclusion that t...
My Grandfather told me years ago that FALL was the best time to plant trees.   Early spring is the next best time.   I have planted during both times and I have to agree with my Grand Father that FALL is the best time. Depending on your local, right now may be the best time to pick out your trees...
I stopped by the local fitness club to talk business with the owner. We were chatting for a while when he asks me... "Did your parents ever tell you not to swallow your gum?" "Yea, I guess they did, why?' I asked. "Come with me." he said So we headed towards a room in the back and here is what I ...
My grandfather called them toadstools when I was young.  A mushroom is something you eat. A Toadstool is something you can't (Poisonous)   I was walking around my yard with the neighbor and his some.  Just talking about hunting and other B. S. at the time. We came upon this Toadstool and the litt...
My Grand Daughter asked me if we could do this. While I know many people would love to, I hate to miss out on 6 months or so of life at the age I am at.  I just don't have a lot of extra 6 months laying around. So Instead...I will do a quick look back at spring and what we have to look forward to...
Finally, we are seeing some fall colors in the middle of the state. This landscape looked better this morning with the sun out. In Northern Minnesota, the peak will hit in about a week.  Colors are just starting in the lower 1/3 of the state. If you plan to be out leaf gazing, now is the time to ...
Many of us can not help ourselves.   If someone needs a hand, we are the first to be there.  Now that isn't always bad.  Some timely advice and make thing go much smoother... Back before the turn of the century, be-heading was common.  It just so happened on this one day that 3 men were to lose t...
One of the best parts of the weather turning cooler is darker earlier is the camp fires.  Tonight I started one for just an hour, but mid summer it would be to hot and to close to bed time to make sure it was out. There is something about a warming fire and a glass of you favorite elixir.  That i...

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