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Yes, we were gone for the weekend.  We visited a foreign country and saw the grand kids and celebrated my step-sons birthday. Other than the cheese hat he wears, he is a good guy! WE went on a Nature walk that had cartoon characters along the 1 1/2 mile path.  The kids dressed in their Halloween ...
During a recent home inspection I told the buyer to have the inspector check out the screen gazebo. "Nah, I don't see a need." "Well, I see a lot of black ants around and I think it would be worth doing it.  Ask the inspector how much extra." The inspector told my client he would do it for the sa...
One reason I was born here, but have never been anywhere else I would want to be. I take that back...The wilds of Alaska.  But my wife says she will not MOVE up there.  HMMM, I am sure going to miss her! Anyway, for the time being...here are a few examples...   A fawn peeking between the blades o...
I again heard this from a client.  We have him qualified, and all he needs to do is save $2000.  He has $1000.  He cliams he and his wife have no extra money to save. "How bad do you want to buy a house?"  I asked them both. "WE would do most anything," they both said. So we started. Week day for...
There is a second part to this season that most find 'untasteful' That would be...Mushrooms.  There are many varieties that are edible, but you had better know for sure which ones are which.  I know the only spring mushroom that is edible, but not for sure the fall ones. But, I do find that that ...
The big push in the fall is the color!  LEAVES, LEAVES, LEAVES! That is almost all we hear about.  But, there is a lot more if you get out of your car and walk... This bird's nest right along the trail was totally hidden when the 'LEAVES' were still on the trees.   This grey squirrel, waiting for...
The Minnesota Firearms Deer season is nearly upon us. Below is what many of us are looking for, (Although, this is a bit small in my book and he is just a young deer) But, you had better be ready.  90% of you have not shot your rifle or shotgun since last year. Most have no idea where all their g...
I am not going to burden you with all kinds of information. The writing IS on the wall. Interest Rates are at an all time low.   Most renters can purchase a home for about half of what they are paying for rent. Homes prices are at levels that are unlikely to be seen again! If you are sitting on t...
My neighbor called and asked if I had a big chain saw. "Yea, you know I do, why?" I asked him. "Just come on over and bring it with!" Well, I knew there would be some home made wine involved, so I went over.   He had trimmed the tree as much as he could with is little saw.  The base was just ove...
The offer came in at 40% of list price.  I Laughed and called my seller.  He DIDN'T laugh.  He said he would not even counter.  10 days later, we get an upgraded offer from the same person...51% of list.  Now my seller is furious..."I don't care if the buyer comes back at 10% above list...He can ...

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