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Just in one of those moods.  It is Friday Ya Know! A blind man is sitting at the bar.  "You want to hear a blonde joke?" he asks the Bar tender. The bar tender quietly says to the blind man... "Sir, there is something you should know.  The guy sitting next to you is 6' 6" and weighs about 235.  H...
I was all caught up by noon today, so I went up to the cabin and did some fall work. Leaves were pilling up and the more I get done in the fall, the less I have to do when I want to fish. The birds and small animals were flittering around eating and working at their winter food supply.   This sit...
If you are looking to buy a NICE home in North Branch, you need to hurry.  Nice homes come on the market and leave the market just as fast. Paint and carpet fixers are moving also, not as fast, but don't blink or you may be in a multiple offer situation. My client knowing this has been offering m...
For some, they should not be allowed to do their 'thing'.  And for others they think they have it bad, but someone always has it worse... This one should be required proper attire!!!!! So you think the storm with Baseball sized hail was bad! So that snow storm with 3 feet of snow was really bad.....
When looking at the state as a whole....Homes sales are up including NEW home starts. Again, that is a STATE wide calculation.  Some areas are still very slow.  Bravo for the LOCAL media for reporting information that is relative to our state. Now I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop!  On...
Common sense is a great quality to have.  Unfortunately, my buddy Ole just doesn't have it... For all of his life, Ole had heard of the great tradition.  On their 21st birthdays, his father, his grand father and his great grandfather before him all walked on water.  On their 21st birthdays' they ...
It is a beautiful crisp morning up here in the Northland.  This sunrise caught my eye... As the sun has just risen over the horizon I think back to this photo from a few weeks before... This one is from the same place.  The sun isn't over the horizon yet, but it has moved over to the right (south...
Are you sitting on the proverbial fence n buying a home. Sit no longer!  North Branch Minnesota is starting to hop.  The number of homes for sale is way down and new construction is starting to be the in thing. Even home sales in much of the state are taking off.  Prices are the lowest in 10-15 y...
What I mean by that, is how do you plan to enjoy your home? Are you doing a home office or full business from your home?  Does the city allow it or will it allow signage. Are you thinking of adding on? Is there room and what are the setbacks for your area or town. Are you thinking of raising dogs...
I received this a short time ago and just had to share.... The importance of bats. Bats do a lot of good.  On bat can eat 300 mosquitos' and other insects in one night.  Some bats are responsible for spreading the majority of the seeds in a region. Our planet has a wide range of odd creatures, bu...

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