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Now I realize that this does not pertain to every local, but here in North Branch, Mn the market is heating up.  At least for myself. My client is a great buyer, and understands the market and how the offers work. Today we found out that we were beat out (for the 3rd time) on a house he offered m...
Sometimes a good idea comes around and you wonder...now why didn't I think of that. 2 blonde's were sitting in Starbucks.  B semi drove by the window and the first one said... "That's what I'm going to do when I win the lottery." The second blonde looked at her and said..."Do what?" "Send my lawn...
Archaeologist have uncovered bones dating back many thousands of years. The unique structure of the bones seam to lead them to believe that the person was Political in nature. Now when I view them...I would say that they are no different from what they would look like from today's Politicians. I ...
Actually it is harvest time in most of America.  But here in Minnesota, the farmers are in full gear. Soy beans are the top priority right now.  With the beans at peak ripeness it is time to get them off the field before he start dropping on the ground. The big green machines are working overtime...
Now, don't get me wrong. I love looking at the leaves, especially in a panoramic view.  But once those leaves hit the ground, many people think that the color is done! Here is one of my favorite fall leaf photo... With the sun casting shadows a few of the leaves still hang onto their color even a...
I was approached by a friend for help and advice.  It seams that someone he knew had an accident was was off work.  Money was very tight as he had no disability insurance.  I also seams that a circle of friends that wanted to help didn't have any extra cash either. After a brief brain storming se...
This reminds me of a neighbor from several years ago.  Ole ran into his buddy Sven... "Ole", Sven chirps, "I hear that you and Lena went your separate ways." "Yes, we did." "So what happened?" asked Sven. "Well, I read in a self improvement magazine that in order to feel better I should get rid o...
Our Lord has put upon us another day of life.  At least in my area It is starting with a bright morning. It is a new beginning and a new day.  Much can become of it, but, it is up to us to make the most of what we have been given. Some of us will seek out Nature.  Some will enjoy sports and other...
WE went to close up the cabin to day.  We decided on the way up to stop by the Oak Inn in Sturgeon Lake, mn for lunch.  When we arrived this is what we saw... We stopped by the local gas station but the young guy had no idea of what happened. After talking to a couple of the locals, It appears to...

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