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Being off the farm, I know the mischief that many of the guys got into.   I was a good kid, and that extra time was spent hunting and fishing.  But, these guys spent their time well also.  In fact, a few of them were overly ambitious. YUP!  Way to much tiome on their hands.
I love what I do. It gives me the flexibility to do other things if I so desire. I love to remodel and do a little handyman things for a few elderly people. At my closing the other day, while waiting for the copies and our checks, we were talking about things we enjoyed doing.  When the buyer fou...
I often wonder how much stuff is just floating around. Last week I got an E-mail that was from my brother.  He sent it in Feb. of '09.   So, where was it and why did it come through at that time. I had an E-Mail that I needed very badly that just disappeared this week.  I had the agent replace it...
Yes I do!  The brightly colored and white lights that twinkle around every corner. But the one thing they also remind me of is... POLITICIANS !!! They all hang together. Half the suckers don't work, and The ones that do are not that bright! I know, I know...I take the fun out of everything!
I loved being outdoors, in case you have not visited many of my blogs. I love to hunt and today, I went out and did some hunting. Now, my license isn't good until Monday...(Bow and Arrow) But the woods is full of things to shoot. This deer is the first I thing shot.  She had no real idea what I w...
After a good meal, (For hospital food it was good) we went for a walk in the park.  It was a great day mid to upper 50's and the is warm for Minnesota at the end of November. Walking down to the river to look at the ducks and geese, they thought we had rung the dinner bell. This Canadian Honker w...
We are entering into a few days that should be fun and memories made. Here are just a small few funnies to get our mood light... WE need smiles and laughter today and into tomorrow for after the turkey has been devoured....there will be enough misery to deal with! To everyone here....Happy Thanks...
The first real snow of the season hit us yesterday.   This is about the average date for our first snow.  Last years we had snow 2 weeks earlier. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, I really am not.  I just have a lot of work to get done that would be a lot easier without the snow. But, ...
Yup, up hear in the Northland, the Snow Bird Migration is in full swing.  WE have seen an exodus going on for the last month or so and will see it continue right on through the holidays. So, what is a Snow Bird? It is our aging population in the north that pack real heavy into motor homes and tra...
I see the blogs for staging a home.  But, seldom do I see the staging follow through to the garage or the outbuildings. In some ways, they are just as important and sometimes even more so for some people. I will agree, that is the wife doesn't care for the house the deal is off!  But, you may be ...

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