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It is Friday and a long weekend.  Have a laugh and then a safe weekend.  Your families depend on that.   The old cow hand was breaking in the new kid.    The kid was smart but not as smart as he thought he was as he kept giving the old Master tips that the old cow hand know would not work. It was...
I finished up a deal this evening.  It was a touch and go in negotiating, but I felt we had the upper hand.  Yesterday I gave my clients instruction before the people came to look at their house. They followed them to a 'T'. Results...SOLD!  Without so much work and for a bit more than they were ...
This seams to be an epidemic. No one wants to answer the phones. One client I told to stay close to the phone when I was presenting his offer.   We were in multiple offer and the seller countered ours first.  I called my client, no answer.  I tried 3 times and no answer. The house he really wante...
Another sign of fall is the sky is giving way to the darkness earlier each night. Most of the summer I am outside working on odd jobs until 10:30.  Now at 8:30 it is dark.  I am getting a lot less done now and have to schedule my time better. I need to get outside  while the light is there and wo...
WE have a row of hosta's in full bloom.  A very pretty sight in the evening. These bell shaped flowers are a favorite of the hummingbirds. I had to take a minute to enjoy them before they are gone. This Geranium is showing off it's vibrant color tonight also.
It has been a good day and I am going to end it on a smiling note.   An elderly man in a care facility stopped a nurse... "Bet you can't tell how old I am." The elderly man says with confidence. "I bet I can." said the nurse. "Oh no you can't!" So the nurse grabbed the front of his trousers, stuc...
In this market it just may be. An acquaintance did this.  He got the idea from his brother.  The child was going to do 4 years or maybe 5 at the same school.  Bought a 4 bedroom house and rented out 3 bedrooms, one person to a room. The rent made most of the payment. My friend said that even if o...
In this day and age of computers and internet sites, we are told to make passwords hard and not to use the same one for any two. I have tried, but this is hard.  I have been told "Don't write down your lo-gin and passwords in case of a break in and someone steals all of them. I give up.  I can't ...
No the world isn't going to end, not as far as I know anyways. I am talking about my garden. It did very well this year and still is, but, you can see the change in the color of the leaves that indicate that it has seen it's better days. The yellow beans are about done and the tomatoplants leaves...
Yes...I have been holding back. No, not trying to hide anything. Some things just are not out in the forefront as other things in our lives. OK, Ok...I am somewhat of a science junky. No, I don't have thousands stuck into telescopes in fact I have None! I can only support a couple of hobbies.  Th...

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