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Last week, I put away my shovel and took the plow off of the truck. Tonight, my friendly weather man says we will get 6-12 inches of the white stuff in the next 2 days. My wife says it is my fault.  You  know the drill...you wash your car and then it rains.  Same thing!   If it keeps looking like...
The other party may be really nice. You laughed and joked at closing. You made some agreements between the two of you...Verbally of course. Now, the other party says they never said that.   We hear this all the time.  When will people learn not to make deals without us, their agent.   You can ask...
Putting away for a rainy day.  This chipmunk knows to hide some food for bad weather ahead.  in my area, they hibernate all winter, which means they need a store of food to live on. Some of Mother natures animals know not to use or spend it all at once but to prepare for the future. When as peopl...
A lot of people complaining about the weather. But if you ask local farmers they know that this is closer to normal than the last few years. Global warming is a big concern...well this should slow the melt of the polar ice caps a bit. Typical of humans....we are seldom happy even when we get all ...
Yes, these feathered  fowl are returning and I am sure they are wondering what is going on. Last few years they would have been laying eggs by now. Today, theyare still trying to keep warm. I saw a small flock this morning land on the pond.  It was still frozen and all you could see was feet and ...
It has been a long hard day.  I need a good laugh and this is just a smile. So, if you have a good funny, please share it... I have a minor procedure coming up and I would not want to hear the out of my Dr's. mouth.  I would be well fast!
My wife and I stopped for dinner in our favorite small town diner. Our waitress was a young lady talking about graduation.   Now, most everyone in the diner, (about 6-7) were talking with this young lady. She was talking about getting ready for college and the things she needed.  "I am going to t...
Everyone give up yet?!   OK, they may not be pennent contenders, but I predicted at the start of the season that they will play 500 ball. They won tonight!  they are 1 and 1.  That's 500!!!   Am I good or what!?    Just don't look at my fantasy team!   I am hitting two games this year for now.  A...
The ground is still white, but looking back on springs of the past...I know what to look forward to. The daffodils will be bright and proud for one.  We have several varieties and we just don't' tire of our flowers. So, for now we will watch as the snow disappears and dream of the color of the fu...

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