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Major League Baseball! Tonight the Dodgers play the Padre's. It is about time. Tomorrow most of the other teams will join in. All 5 Fantasy teams are picked and ready to play. The radio and computer are tuned into the stations I need and my elixir is cold and ready. Now all I need is some live ac...
Relationships are complicated. Some are much more complicated than others. There are many reasons, but not every ones reasons are the same. Some relationships are solid and can weather small differences. others, even a light rock of the boat seems like a disaster. Sometimes you can pick your batt...
Yes it is...and I feel I have a good handle on it. No, I am not perfect at it but I feel I am better than most. That is at some things. Now if you ask my wife I m like this... ...and I ask her what is wrong with this.  What I heard I got right.
Somedays  life is a little harder than others. Somedays life is way harder than others. WE want to kick and scream at the top of our lungs, but, besides not being real Professional, it just would not help a bit.So, instead, I try and follow this idea... I like to hedge my bets and keep a bottle w...
Yes, it is raining and nearly pouring but unlike the nursery rhyme, this old man isn't snoring. We are getting a great spring rain right now. 39 degrees is a good temp to slowly melt the snow and still give us some needed moisture. It is also a day to get some odds and ends done inside, because w...
My Doctor asked me if I was going to go Bass fishing this year. "Of course"  I responded. Well, you better change your ways or you may not live that long. So, I am taking control of my health... I joined 5 baseball teams for excercise. OK OK, so they are fantasy teams, but it keeps my mind sharp....
A parent of a friend of mine, had a car accident. No one got hurt with the exception of some minor brusing.  But, it is time for the parent to stop driving.  Because of the accident, the parent has had the license taken away until they can pass the test again. There is a non-foolproof way of tell...
I can easily say that I DON'T! They have their own code that I have not in over 38 years of marriageand 2 wives have not been able to crack. Yes Dear only cuts it so far. But I heard not long ago that there is a book that will help us poor guys. I just don't know if I have the time to read it... ...
WE have all seen it. A first time home buyer walks into the first house and goes WOW!  I love it. "Great...would you like to see the rest of the house?" Allowed to go unchecked will give you heartburn in 6 months or a year if the house isn't up to par and the buyers don't see it. WE need to reel ...
I took a walk out to my Deer Stand this morning. It was beautiful, almost 5 above. I sat quietly watching the woods come alive. I was watching for a particular visitor. After about a 1/2 hour here it came. The Ruffed Grouse is a cool bird.  Very flighty and can fly at very high speeds in a dense ...

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