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Spring Training for me is always a long process. It seems to take forever to get the guys in shape.  You would think that a person getting paid millions would come to camp in shape. If they worked for me they would!!! But anyway...At 3 am central time the dodgers and the diamond Backs are playing...
I am sure most everyone has been there.   You meet someoneand they call you by name and you wonder...   Who the H... is that?   I did that with a cousin not long ago that I had not seen in some years.   Sometimes you go DUH!   Other times you go...Wow...he's (she's) changed.   Good thing I haven'...
It is a beautiful day today in North Branch, Minnesota. 25 degrees and... Yes SNOWING! North Branch was to get 3-6 inches be the Wednesday morning. We have almost 5 and is is barely 10 am, and snow is falling at about an inch an hour or more right now. Not complaining.  It is only mid Marchand we...
  I took it easy yesterday. I didn't over indulge. But it didn't really matter. It was a test to see if I had had to much.  I failed. So what was the test...     After 4 beer...       The really sad part is that this morning wasn't any better. If you say it real slow, you may get it.  For me, I q...
  Hey it is St. Patrick's Day. How can I let this go by without a wish. But my wish is for you. My wish for you is... Love Peace Cold Beer Good Friends and may these be with you for all the days of the year. Oh and one more for the road...        
Looking to buy a home In North Branch, Minnesota... Then you need to get your ducks in a row. You need to have your financing in order first of all. If you  don't, you have no chance at all. No one will accept your offer if you don't have this important detail ready. Good homes don't last long, a...
Some days are better than others. Somedays, as life rolls on, you think about your own mortality. Especially when you lose a loved one. Now that I have seen 39 years many many many many times over, this thought does creep into my head. So this is my thought...   When I go, I want to go peacefully...
Well, the first joke helped me so I think for today, nothing heavy. I am going to throw one more out there. Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. I pick on them enough so I need to level the scales a bit once in a while... Here you go ladies... We need to laugh at ourselves!!!
It is Friday and time to laugh. I had planned on knocking off early, but didn't happen. Then personal issue got in the wayand it is going to be a long weekend. But, I will ignore that for now.  I think we need a Drink! And I believe no truer words have been spoken...   
Take notice...If you are still using BOA...STOP IT!! WE see and hear of these issue all the time. With the housing crises...BOA was one of the worst to work with.  Foreclosures or short sales, you knew you would be having a problem. I canceled my card form them as soon asissue in the housing sect...

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