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REnteres are a funny group of people. Some are very good and others not much. Of course, I have seen some home owners that are just as bad. I am not sure about this one, but it does bring up the question... Do we need to put "No Motorcycles in the House" as part of the lease agreement?
Well, we know it would happen. With all the extra snow and moisture this year and with a fast thaw...we are going to have floods. Many right now are caused by ice dams. For the average person there is not much we can do...but prepare. Flooding will interrupt electrical services and more. Set asid...
A friend who lives in the eastern part of this nation was telling me about all the snow they got. He was telling me that they got more than a foot of snow. That is a lot of snow even for Minnesota. When I asked just how much they got he replied he would send a picture...  
Well people are tired of the weather.   I don't see what all the fuss is about.  Most will complain it is to hot as soon as it hits 75.   But there is a group that is taking the complaining an extra step...   A group will start taking lives if the weather doesn't change and fast.   It is the inno...
Easter is late this year. It may help to be late, but I bet we still have some snow. We humans have the weather channel.  Not always likely to be right. But the Easter bunny has... Well...A rodent. I wonder how many people out East are sending hate mail to that famous rodent?      
That is right...North Branch Minnesota is under a heat wave. WE broke the freezing point today and will again 6 of the next 7 days. The water is starting to runand it won't be long before there won't be any empty ponds to hold it all. With from 2-4+ feet on the ground, (depending on where you mea...
I have been talking with the manager for several weeks about the service being not as good and the food a bit off their normal best. I talked again today with the manager...who is new.  I explained that if things don'tget better, we would be going someplace else. I was told that cooperate just to...
Some of the local gardeners are talking planting during the morning coffee sessions. I enjoy my garden, but I am no where near the fanatic as these guys are. Of course if you want to talk fishing, well that is another story.  When I asked when they thought they would start planting with nearly 4 ...
I am great at finding things I have lost Especially when it comes to weight. But, when I find what I have lost, it seems that I find a bit extra. I have tried many different ways to lose, but life style usually gets n the way. So, I am thinking of going the old fashioned way...
I often here people complain about a friend. maybe they didn't help when help was needed. Maybe it was something that was said. It doesn't matter. You will draw the type of friends that you are. So, if you feel you want better friends...You need to start with yourself and be a better friend. A ti...

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