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It has been said that concentration is key to success. I can not dispute that. I just sometimes have a problem achieving it. Do you have that problem? Have you ever tried to find out if you did. Sometimes concentration is hard because of stress. Try this test. In this pattern, concentrate on just...
Can you find the Ducks For about a week my little pond has been home to a pair of wood ducks. Can you see them.  Oh, I know the picture is a bit small to see a couple of ducks, but no matter... They are not there. They got tired of the rain and snow (Per my wife) and have left for a warmer home. ...
The weather in North Branch, Minnesota isn't always this bad... Nope...Sometimes it is even worse! After almost 8 inches of rain in 2 days, this morning we had a white ground. Granted...it was a very light coating but still white. I wouldn't let my wife open the window shades until it had almost ...
Well, we are at nearly 7 inches of rain in two days. The drought is gone as far as I am concerned. So looking ahead I think I see a bumper crop on the horizon. No, it isn't some kind of a produce... Yes it is the Minnesota State Bird...the Mosquito. I can almost hear the buzz of these blood sucke...
I don't know about anyone else, but I have been ready for over a month. I have changed lines sharpened hooks, charged batteries and a host of other chores as to be ready for the big day. Fishing is a family tradition for me.  I fish in the very early morning for me and then take the family out an...
The people in the know have been talking about the drought we have in Minnesota. North Branch Minnesota is right in the heart of it...or I should say it was. We had 80+ inches of snow and then some rain. And then some more rain and today even more.  No sun in sight for about 4-5 days. So today, I...
Photo's are just the first step in house hunting. They look great, you look at the information and that looks appealing also. You make plans on making an offer right after you view the home. Then you walk inside and your DREAMS go right down the drain. Yes, good photo's are needed for the MLS to ...
I saw this little saying the other day and it makes a great point...   Why is there always enough time to do something a second time and Never enough time to do it right the first time?   In this world of fast pace life, we are always on a hurry. Doesn't it make sense to save time by spending a f...
One thing about the cold, we have few if any varmints to worry about.  So, now that we are warmer they are out. This chipmunk is cute and can even be trained to take food from your hand. BUT... One got into the garage of a client of mine and did a lot of damage. They are still wild animals and do...
Yes it is and our AR league is even more competitive this year than ever.  The lead changed hands many times so far, and now a few people on top are getting comfortable. Point swings are smaller and most everyone is trying hard to move up the ladder. Fanasy league no matter the sport is a great w...

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