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I was sent this photo some time back. I ran across it this evening and I wondered... What is the limit of this bird.  (Osprey I  believe) I have seen many photo's of large birds flying away with fish, but seldom have I seen one with two fish. So...is this bird over it's limit? 
Ok, at least use one in the state you are buying in. Just had a client find out that he doesn't qualify for the loan that the loan officer told him..."no problem!" They thought they were getting a great deal with this guy. The loan officer was a senior loan officer.  He was from California.  WE a...
Over the last week the rain has finally stopped.  Farmers that need to get into the files that they actually got planted (many are not planted) started to get some work done. But many of the fields that did get planted look like this.  Bare spots in the middle and on top from the excessive rains....
Voice mail is great, especially if you compare it to the old recording systems of not so long ago. Almost everyone uses voice mail. But there is one thing that I am running into more and more. "Were sorry, but the voice mailbox is full". I work hard for my clients and in this era of low inventory...
My business depends on great contractors. Sometime we need things done yesterday. Those that can deliver or at least try will get my vote every time. Lowell of Lowell Nelson Electric is just such a guy. Lowell bailed me out of a jam once again and he didn't even rape me doing it. He made a specia...
I feel sorry for those who are dealing with the flooding. I have had some very minor water issues, but I am not complaining. But, there is one other segment we have not heard about. Rain making it hard to get repairs done before closing. WE have had so much rain that the contractors can't get the...
One way is to build high up on a hill. Then you need to be a mountain goat to get up and down. The easier way is to make a few calls first.   Army core of engineers.   This entity is charged with our  river system.  They are working with state and local officials to limit the chance of flooding. ...
For those who believe in Miracles, you may find this interesting. I have a friend who doesn't not believe in an higher power.  That is his choice and we don't put each other down for our beliefs. But, we were talking the other day about a relative of his that had a medical issue that seems to hav...
I headed to the cabin yesterday.  A few light chores and on the lake by 6pm. 78 degrees and a light breeze as I drove out the drive. 15 min. from the cabin, the wind picked up.  Must have been pushing 25-30. Temp had dropped to 68. 2 miles from the cabin and I see the lake next to the road with s...
Hello Bill...This is.........I talked to you a couple of years ago and I want you to come talk to us about selling our home. I love this call because it tells me that I made an impression.  A good enough impression that the people KEPT my card handy for when they needed me. The call was from a co...

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