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WE went to the county Fair in Pine City, Mn. this evening. Took the 5 year old Grand Daughter. We had a great time. Made one mistake...NO CAMERA. WE hhit all the kiddie rides and there were smiles on most all the kids. WE played a few of the rigged games and came away with a couple of stuff toys....
As I said in part one, most people don't understand us when we speak.   UFF DA!! Getting out of bed in the morning with a backache. Waking yourself up in church with your own snoring. Forgetting your Mother-in-Laws first name. When 2 steady girlfriends find out about each other.  (double UFF DA) ...
When I say local...I mean in the area of where you are buying. I had another out of state buyer use their hometown lender. Although they were liagally able to write a loan in Minnesota...they had no idea of the diffent rules we have in our state compared to theirs. Result...A 10 day delay, costin...
That is what my client asked me. I explained it had been 6 weeks since we were in the home. Now, most everything will be gone.  We will re-check all the repairs and see if there was anything being hid under throw rugs and the like. We want to also makje sure no other damage has occured. Not doing...
I keep hearing people say they don't understand us. WE don't talk any different, but I know when I hear the rest of the country talking I don't understand them. So, here is a better understanding of us... THE MEANING OF..."Uff Da!"   Trying to dance the Polka to Rock and Roll. Looking in the mirr...
Summer is barely in full swing and the stores are talking back to school. It is like Christmas...Some stores are already getting supplies in for that. It just seems we are pushing the envelope a bit.  I no spring chicken and would love to enjoy the seasons as they come. But...that is today's soci...
I think we have heard the old saying ...Behind every successful man is a woman. Nowdays with a lot more women in the upper seats of the work place Today the saying is...behind every successful woman there is a man wondering how she got there. But there is a different saying that my wife subscfibe...
That is what the loan officer told me. Why?  I asked him. Because the underwriters are busy and can't move any dates up. Well, the date you think we want to move up is actually the closing date on the contract. "Oh, I must have missed that.  We will get it done. Amazing how one second he could no...
90 Degrees and 70+ dew points make for harsh conditions. Not just for us, but for our pets also. Make sure they have plenty of water and a place to get out of the sun. If you go to town, leave the pets at home and not in the hot car. Those of you on farms, the water and shade for your prized anim...
It is True... Success is a ladder that can not be climbed with your hands in your pockets. There are many facets that can define and also help  you gain success, but it takes action on your part. For some people they need someone behind them.  It may be a person or it may be their faith. What eve...

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