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Just over 4 weeks left in the regular season for baseball. It has been a tough season for many teams and a great one for others. Same goes for us with Fantasy teams. I for one with 5 teams am not where I expected or hoped to be at this tme of the year. But, I am not throwing in the towel. My goal...
I finally get out fishing this moring.  Fish were cooperating for the most part and it was a great morning. Then all of a sudden...the fish stopped. I mean they just disappeared.  I could not even see any in the water. It took a while but I did finally figure out what had happened...
I went to several county fairs and now to our State Fair. I seen a lot of different things to do. Demo derby's, horse racing, cycle racing and a host of others. But the one I saw that was the best and I go every year is the Cow Plopping game. A pen is divided up into 3 foot squares.  Usuall over ...
I love Mushrooms.  All kinds. The flavors vary greatly. I am able to pick the spring Morel mushroom, because it is the only one in the spring that is edible. Fall Mushrooms are a whloe different animal. Thousand pop up each fall. I have a good idea of which ones I can pick, but am not positive. I...
I don't mean that there is a physical danger...The danger is in the numbers. Just because a home seller's electric bill is $300, doesn' mean yours will if you buy the home. Usage and habits in the home are the real indicator. One person leaves all the lights on and the next shuts most of them off...
For some people end of summer mens their house will not sell. Not the case at all. I for one am busier during the fall and winter seasons thatn the summer. Not every buyer has kids to move to a new school mid year. Not every buyer is worried about the weather for moving. If you are thinking of mo...
In life, getting even is sometimes just childish. It causes more harm than good. But I leave regular life behind...   BASEBALL!!! The twins clobbered the Tigers... 20 to 6 on friday night. Saturday they came back and beat the Tigers... 12 to 4.  HA! We are on a role. But in the second game the Ti...
It has been a great day. Had a nice dinner after church with friends. Did a couple of lite chores when we got home and then a light rain shower moved in. My North Branch Minnesota phone has been quiet and a short nap is in the works.  ( A rarity for me) I am taking advantage of it because yo neve...
Well, I joined the new group because I think this will fit well into my life. I am pushing 70 so I know I have to be closse to the oldest. If nothing else, I think I have the oldest Jokes! So it begges to question...Am I the oldest fart on this block...I bet we never find out!
People may have a lot of reasons to hire you to sell or help them buy a home.   Knowledge...That would be a good guess, but I believe it would come in second place. Because you were the first person to answer the phone.  Yes...that does happen. You are from the area they are looking at.   This is...

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