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It is fall and another beautiful day is upon us. The color here in Minnesota is great this time fo the year. Sadly, it only lasts a week or two. Getting out in the rural areas of our state to enjoy the beauty is paramount in my life. So, my thought for the day...   If everyday is a gift...Where d...
There is an element in our society that will take advantage of any situation if they can. There are very few morales in these people. Many of these same people are the big scam artists. It is up to us to make sure we understand what we are doing at all times and protect our own interests. WE know...
I have been watching the news and even today amny places either have lines for the new phone or can't get one.  Backordered! Well, I am going to tell you where you can get one with no lines.   Radio Shack!  North Branch Minnesota.   7:30 Pm today and they guy said that he had a couple of dozen. N...
Sometimes I let the mind wander...what comes out is sometimes good...sometimes not so. I will let you decide...   Some people are molded by their admiration's and others by their hostilities. Education is not a product marked by diploma, job or money...it is a never ending process. A man who runs...
Yes, North Branch, Mn has color and it is that time of the year. WE are now sitting at about 40% color, but it will be at 60% by the end of next week. North Branch, Mn has a lot of Red Oak and Maple trees to mix in with all the yellows of the softer woods. WE have several river valleys of differe...
I see this happen all the time. Not just the younger Gen of today, but a lot of the populace. A cell phone rings...in the group, everyone knows who's phone it is. But after the person answers it, several more will check their phones. It is like they think it was their phone that should have rang....
I had a semi-pleasure trip I took my wife on. We left Minnesota and went through this foreign country. The people are a bit..well, let's just say different! They have this odd tradition. On Sunday's in the fall, they grab a beer and sit around the Tele with cheese on their heads.  They call thems...
This past Monday was the Harvest Full Moon. It was also the last of the super moons.  We had some clouds butI was able to get a few shots with out the cloud cover. The super moons are the brightest of the year.  Makes the night light up like an early dawn. To get the full effect, get out in the c...
The rain is stopping and the wind is starting to calm a bit...down to 20 mph. It is a great morning. We have 51 degrees. I went into town and you would have thought it was winter. Heavy coats all over the place. It really isn't that cold.  I wonder what people will do when it actually gets cold.  
Wwe are approaching the fall season I for one love it. So much color...and a lot of work. But until the work starts, I have noticed that the bugs have slowed down This dragonfly even held still for a candid. One thing about rural living is that Mother nature is calling everyday.

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