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I was asked that by a couple of friends this morning. My response...Yes, Yes I did. You are out of your mind!       I stood in line for more Turkey and stuffing!   I know of people who stood in line for a couple of hours...Sorry, I don't need anything that bad! Besides, many of the specials will ...
We used to have a great Thanksgiving. Family that we don't get to see very often.  We would play games and laugh. Today...We ate and got things cleaned up and most went out shopping. No games, chit chat or any other interaction. Sadly...they didn't even got shopping together. I long for the olden...
Well, after this one, I will have to find a new cause for a couple of weeks until Christmas comes along. But, then, you never know what some friends may come up with. I hope I brought a bit of a smile to you.  Now I wil try not to get to overly serious.  
Most avid winter fishermen know that first ice is the best winter fishing. But it is also the time of the fish being fed very well also. More people fall through the ice when it first freezes over a lake or pond than the rest of the winter combined. Many kids fall tghrough deep ponds and die ever...
OK...Now I am sure some of you not familiar with the farm are wondering how do you dress a turkey. First, you have to find a small suit!  And then... OK just kidding. Dressing the Turkey actually means liberating the head from the body. Then we undress the bird...(Take off the feathers). Then an ...
OK...most people will say yes. But I will argue that fact.  This story nearly had a sad ending. A friend sent his daughter to college.  With her he sent some Mace for her protection.  Last week she was attacked.  When confronted by the attacker...the young lady started digging in her purese for h...
What can I say...I am on a roll and I feel much better getting back to the lighter side of life. Commercialism is almost passing Christmas for the Pre-Holiday shopping.   It is also taking much time away from family get-togethers. But, to each their own. For today...This is what I have...  
I have found that I am not laughing as much as I should. We uses to be able to count on this site having someone with a funny every day to lift our spirits. So, I am taking it upon myself to lift the spirits of others. Hopefully I succeed in doing so... This is one that my wife enjoyed!
Baring any new phone calls...I have a free day. Well, that was before my wife found out. Now it's a day for getting the outside Christmas decorations up. It is already 42 degrees and the last warm day for the next 7-10. So, while I have a chance I am going to play a bit... We must be careful of h...
I believe it was one of our forefathers...Ben Franklin, (I could have the wrong name)  That wanted to make the Turkey our National Bird.   I understand why, because it played a big role in the early settlers survival.   But, thankfully the Eagle was chosen instead to be our symbol of strength, al...

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