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One thing about marketing is you have to see what is working. I am in a small rural area. Many of my clients do not have the internet or if they do it is slow. Other clients wonder why they should waste time looking when as a Profesional I can do it quicker for them. Seeing a photo in the pap
Kerrie is back and at it again.  I think with her absence there was a void in our site. Leave it to Kerrie to try and let people get to know each other.  If you have not read this blog of hers yet...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!! Your loss! Welcome back Kerrie. Rainers are the best as we all...
OK...people are getting tired of the snow and cold. This is very true in the Northeast. We need to take our minds off the gloom. So smile. It makes people wonder what you are up to. A smile is also contagious. WE can spread all kinds of illness but we have a hard time to spread a smile. JUST DO I...
Yes, the Easter season is approaching.   For the kiddies, it is a fun time.   Finding hidden eggs and baskets.   Most all of them love to color the eggs.   This years we won't have any grand kids to help with that.   So, I need an idea to get this done easier.   I have the rural property and land...
Jon Zolsky is a MUST read. Coming from Russia, Jon sees the really good and the really bad where many people either don't see it or are afraid to admit what they see and hear isn't always right. Jon is no nonsense and very up to date on the every day goings on. Read this blog and you will want to...
Anyone who is in possesion of any woodlands needs to talk with a professional. Larger parcels need care to make sure they stay healthy. Bob and his crew are tops in Minnesota and Wisconsin areas and adjoining states. There is a lot to know about your wooded areas and depending on your plan of use...
Vegas Bob makes some great points. We are accused by many of being responsible for the housing crises. There were many issue that contributed to the issue including those that just walked away just because. This is just another reason we need to do all we can to improve our image. It is up to ALL...
And our Fantasy Baseball league sees another returning member. Sadly we have lost a couple of teams for personal reasons, so if anyone thinks they can handle some simple fun...drop me a comment here and I will get you a link. Remember...NO record keeping and totally free. Have a great weekend.   ...
DISCLAIMER:  If you are offended by punctuation marks...don't read any further!       WE all have run into some people that , well, you just would rather not. People that just annoy you for one good reason or another. WE end up trying to smile or keep a straight face , but end up using a lot more...
We in the upper midwest and towards the East coast are in the deep freeze. Although not as bad as last year here in North Branch Minnesota. For some, this is record cold.  For me in North Branch, Minnesota I have to leave the windbreaker on the hook and take my medium coat for a walk. In some way...

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