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I was called to list a rental property that still had renters.The renters I found out were none to happy about needed to leave.So much so they basically said it would take an army to get them out.I was asked what to do...Contact an attorney right away...these things can take time!!!Hearing that t...
I don't know if you have been called and told that you are being sued by the IRS for back taxes.  The recorded message is very urgent telling you this is your last chance.I played along until I got a real person...High high pressure not allowing me to talk and nothing but threats.Today, it starte...
It can be hard to get a buyer who is wanting to buy so bad they will look all over the state.Most people have a good idea of where they want to be, but sometimes they want a house so bad that they will go anywhere just to buy one.It can be a waste of time for you and your clients and then they ar...
 Yes, spring has popped in Minnesota.  In the last few days the leaves are coming out and fast. Our flowering crab is budding along with the leaves sprouting quickly. This week the weather is going  to be really nice.  Need to get the garden finished and stuff planted right away.   Trying a few n...
WE have a confirmation this weekend and so we have a load of people for dinner.I went with my wife to help with the shopping (I pushed the cart)When we got to the meat section that is where I saw it.A Beef Arm Roast.  Nicely marbled it would be a great meal.But wait...Remember...I said I am an ol...
WE all get tired...most likely it is metal stress that gets us.That is the nature of our Profession.But, today, I had most of the day off.I worked in the garden all day. Removing much of the soil and replacing it with fresh.Now tonight, my butt is dragging.But, I will take physical tiredness of t...
WE are just over two weeks into Baseball season and Active Rain's Fantasy league is in full swing.So far, we have seen almost every team in first place at least one day and most teams also in last place.Very typical for the first weeks of the season.I am seeing a higher participation by our team ...
Have you updated your phone lately?No, I don't mean by buying the newest one.I had mine checked out a few months ago.  My reception was lagging.I was asked if I had updated it.I had no idea what they were talking about.The young lady took my phone and in about 2 minutes, it was done.I was told so...
In Minnesota it is almost time to plant the garden.  In my area the last average frost date is aroudn the 21st of may.Makes for a short growing season.So many of us plant larger items...watermelons and squash in the house.One thing I have done over the years to fool the seeds into germination fas...

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