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Armchair managers are foaming at the mouths.Twins should have done this, and the Yankees are weak here, and pirates are Blah blah blah!It is easy to b a critique when your job is not on the line. For some of us here all we worry about is, How are my guys on my fantasy team doing today.In the firs...
Those of us who truly believe, hold this Easter Seasons as more important than Christmas...The birth of Jesus. Sometimes our faith waivers a bit, but deep down, our faith is in tact.  Science tries to disprove our beliefs, but it only makes our faith stronger. Several people that I have known and...
The Easter season story is a great one. It is one that I tell a lot especially to the young ones. The story is told in many languages and in many religions. The versions may vary slightly, but the end of the story is the same. Take a look at the attached photo, you can see the entire Easter story...
WE have all had these people for clients, those that come to an open house. You know the ones... the world revolves around them and only them. They are quick with the insults and a sharp tongue. They believe that your day is better because you met them. Sadly, they do make the world go around and...
WE usually have 5-6  couples at our Easter get together. After the kids re done looking for eggs, the Adults get the chance. The game goes like this and we have been doing this for a few years.   The winner from last does not play, they are in charge of the game.  Each couple puts in $20.   Winne...

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