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I just talked with a friend who is a licensed agent several hundred miles from me.He informed me that is Brokerage was requiring Drug testing.I guess there was an issue with one of the agents in the office and the issue cost the Brokerage a lot of money.I know in areas of high risk of injury and ...
Let's see if you get this right... During a visit to the mental asylum, a doctor was asked how they determined whether or not a paient should be institutionalized."Well" said the doc..."We fill a bathtub with water and then we give the person a choice of a teaspoon, a teacup or a bucket to empty ...
North Branch, Minnesota is not really the farm community it was.Very very few dairy herds are left.Just a handful of farmers crop farming most of the land.We are not in a drought, but much of North Branch, Minnesota is light and or sandy soil.  It could rain a an inch every few days and not be we...
This past monday, I got a call that a tree in one of my rentals fell on the neighbors sheds.I was loaded and out on the road in 10 minutes.The neighbor who called me was surprised I was there so quickly.I had ropes, chains and 3 chainsaws along with a ladder.This is part of my emergency kit.This ...
An oldie but a goodie... The young blonde was on a game show.Her question was...Which is farther away?  New York City or the Moon?She thought carefully...The moon she replies.The host asked her how she come up with that answer.DUH...I can see the moon from here... 
Well, no, but it is time to start looking.Serious buyers for hunting land are starting to look NOW!I have had 3 calls for hunting land in the last 2 weeks.I would bet an 3 ro 4 more by the end of the Holiday weekend.Looking for hunting land in or around north Branch, Minnesota...Now is the time t...
Minnesota's State Bird is alive and well in North Branch, Minnesota.We had a lot of rain so far this year, but the weather has stayed on the cooler side.Well, after 3 nice warm days, the Bird appeared in full force tonight.North Branch, Minnesota Has many varieties of the State bird, but none of ...
Some will say the size of cabin or home...others it is the size of the lake.Many want to know the type and quality of the fish in the lake.A good question is are there any motor restrictions or speed restrictions on the lake.But the most important one is...Is the septic up to code and if not, can...
For this Father's Day we need to look at ourselves as Fathers.WE sometimes put ourselves down because we are short of time.Providing for families is a full time effort at times.So take and remember this... Always remember..You are Braver than you thinkStronger than you seemand Loved more than you...
My wife and I got home after visiting kids and grand kids.We spent several hours on the road, but, it was well worth it.Now as we ready for bed, I dream of just curling up together and drifting off to sleep.I can't think of anything that we missed that needs attention... 

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